industrial cleaning material legnomat

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brand : Kiehl category : industrial cleaning material code : j222005

legnomat is a special detergent for use in industrial scrubber, this detergent with the proper volume of foam has a special application in daily cleaning wooden floors and removing daily contaminants masses. the compatibility of this detergent with the scrubbing and cleaning wood surfaces is proven by expert studies which conducted on it and so is patented.

legnomat usage in cleaning

the legnomat is suitable for washing and cleaning all surfaces which is made of natural wood.

how to use legnomat in cleaning

for cleaning floors with this detergent, nylon brushes are used. dilute 200 ml of this detergent in 10 liters of water and in order to perform efficiently and high quality, use spraying 1 liter of water per minute.


less than 5% amphoteric surfactants, less than 5% non-ionic surfactants, complexing agents materials freshener, preservatives (methylisothiazolinone, benzisothiazolinone) are the main ingredients of this product. the ph value of this detergent is neutral and so in both concentrate and ready to use solution is about 7.

essential tips

in the event of disruption of operations, keep the device on until completely suction. before doing cleaningو ensure about how to care wooden floor surfaces and be sure about the maximum load pressure by floor surfaces. a simultaneous of washing and drying surfaces has a special importance, because the water remaining on the surface can damage flooring which is made of natural wood. this detergent should be protected against frost.

technical specifications

general specifications

Color No Color
Concentration Ultra Concentrate
productivity (mL/m2) 2
pH (Concentrated) 7
pH (Ready to Use) 7

Cleaning Specifications

Material of Cleaning Surfaces Natural Wood
Contamination Daily Contamination
Combined Ratio with water in Scrubber Dryer 1 to 75
Other Features Fragrances


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