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brand : Kranzle category : Floor Sweeper code : K 2+2

K 2+2 is a small, mechanical sweeper which doesn’t operate on main or batteries and the brushes move by the power the operator exerts on the handle. The machine is equipped with two side brushes which are designed to collect solid debris like leaves, cigarette butts, small cans from the floor or around the walls, and allow for effective curb pick-up in both directions. In order to start cleaning, counter- rotating side brushes which have the height adjustability feature rotate in opposite directions and collect solid debris and lead them toward the central cylindrical brush.

Then two cylindrical central brushes that rotate in opposite directions and provide a cleaning width of 800 mm transfers the dirt to the waste container effectively. The cylindrical brushes rotate in opposite directions which actually leads to an optimal use of the waste container. This small mechanical sweeper is equipped with a sweeper made of Shockproof plastic and a capacity of 40 liters which can work very effectively in cleaning small spaces through one stage. The body of the machine is made of Polyurethane which is strong enough that it won’t get hurt in case of colliding environmental obstacles.

K 2+2 sweeper

With regard to simple and resistant mechanical structure of the machine, and non-electrical components the machine has very little downtime and doesn’t need any service and maintenance. K 2+2 is made of high-quality materials and components. side cylindrical brushes are made of Anti-wear nylon which adds to the life span of the machine. The machine is also equipped with two wheels which are made of natural rubber whose excellent design exerts force to side brushes. The machine comes with a folding handle which will occupy very little space during storage time.

K 2+2 Distinguishing Features

K 2+2 is the smallest industrial sweeper which is very efficient and some of its features are as follows. 

 Two Counter-Rotating Cylindrical Central Brushes

 The machine is equipped with two cylindrical central brushes with a cleaning width of 800mm. which not only collects pollutants effectively, but also helps the operator use the maximum capacity of the waste container.

Two Counter Rotating Side Brushes

The two side brushes rotate in opposite directions and this way, lead the pollutions toward the center of the machine more effectively. 

Resistant Body 

The body of K2+2 sweeper is made of high-quality and resistant material. Side brushes and cylindrical brushes are made of Anti-wear nylon and both the body of the machine and the waste container are made of Shockproof rubber. It has caused an increase in the machine resistance and life-span. 

Large Wheels

K2+2 industrial sweeper is equipped with two large wheels which are made of natural rubber and they cause an optimal transfer of force on brushes

foldable Handle

Another important feature of the machine is its foldable handle, so the machine will necessitate less space in storage.

technical specifications

general specifications

productivity (m2/h) 2500
cleaning width (mm) 800

tank specifications

hopper capacity (L) 40

filtration unit specifications

filter cleaning system manual
filter area (cm2) 1/3

physical specifications

weight (kg) 16
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 1380×920×980


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