industrial cleaning material lithodur

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brand : Kiehl category : industrial cleaning material code : j210347

lithodur is a special wax for stone surfaces which are made of natural calcareous, using it, cause glare, and increase surfaces’ resistance to scratching, also reduce the rate of re-contamination of surfaces. easy cleaning us the other feature of this wax. this wax returns the natural appearance of the stones and has no impact on stone’s penetration of steam. using of this wax in cleaning is very affordable, in addition, using the right amount of wax, has a high compatibility with the environment.

lithodur usage in cleaning 

the wax is appropriate for the crystallization of natural calcareous with fine-sanded or polished appearance, such as marble carrara (the superior quality of marble that is used in building facades and sculpture) and travertine. before applying the wax on rough surfaces for crystallization, surfaces must be polished. this wax is not appropriate for use on surfaces such as granite, quartz, sandstone, terrazzo and terrazzo tiles. 

how to use lithodur in cleaning

in order to crystallize, at first wash surfaces thoroughly, and allow it to dry. before use, shake the wax container, and spray some of it on an approximately 1 m2 area, then polish it immediately with lito pad. if the pad gets greasy, use the other side or replace it with the new one. depending on the brightness levels of the surfaces, repeat the operation for two to three times. in order to increase the brightness of surfaces, after finishing crystallization, polish the surfaces with the appropriate pads. after applying the wax, rinse the nozzle thoroughly with clean water.


emulsifiers, waxes, hexafluorosilicate and additives are the main constituents of this wax. the ph value of the wax is almost 2.

essential tips

. since the freezing will affect the properties, the product must be protected from freezing. as the durability and lifespan of the wax are so high, has a long lasting life in the environment. direct contact with skin and eyes is harmful and hence the use of protective clothing while using the wax is essential.

technical specifications

general specifications

productivity (mL/m2) 5
pH (Concentrated) 2
pH (Ready to Use) 2

Cleaning Specifications

Material of Cleaning Surfaces Natural Calcareous Surfaces Such as Marble Carrara and Travertine


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