industrial sweeper - brava 1000 ht

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brand : RCM category : advance city street sweeper code : Brava 1000 HT

brava 1000 ht is a mechanized industrial out-door sweeper which operates on a diesel engine and can clean the environment quickly and easily. the machine can clean 3800 square meters per hour and can be used for cleaning warehouses, garages, gardens, service stations, recreational centers, hotels, department stores, workshops and small industries. brava 1000 ht is equipped with a side brush and a cylindrical one, together with which the cleaning operation is done, requiring less time and money. the floating side brush is equipped with a mechanical lift which is used for collecting waste material from the floor. 

brava 1000 ht sweeper 

the machine is equipped with a guard which protects the machine when colliding obstacles around. after the waste is collected with the side brush, the cylindrical brush which is located in the center of the machine, rotates in a counter- clockwise style and sends the waste into the waste container. the brush rotates in a way that the container gets filled very easily and even light waste like paper, leaves is done much better. the cartridge filter which is used in brava 1000 ht has a filtration level of 02.3 square meters and since it prevents dust from coming back to the air, the cleaning quality will be improved. 

the filter is cleaned by an electrical shaker which removes pollutions from the filter very fast. the machine is also equipped with a traction motor which will help the operator feel less fatigued while operating. the chassis and the shock-proof bumper are both made of steel which together with the shock-proof hood and metal wheels add to the strength of the machine, so that it won’t get damaged upon collisions with obstacles. the machine is also equipped with a brake which prevents it from moving while parked. another upside which should be taken into account is the electrical starter the machine is equipped with provides the operator with maximum efficiency.  the controlling handle is foldable thus, the machine won’t occupy much space while in storage.

brava 1000 ht sweeper distinguishing features

as a walk-behind, industrial sweeper that operates on a diesel engine, brava 1000 ht works very efficiently in cleaning outdoor spaces. 

diesel engine

brava 1000 ht is equipped with a powerful gasoline engine and is suitable for outdoor cleaning purposes. the powerful traction motor helps the machine move forward and the operator can control the machine with the least possible time and energy being spent. 

great strength and resistance

being equipped with a steel chassis, steel shock proof guard, and wheels of metal have all resulted in a machine which is strong enough to stay safe in face of hard blows.

counter-direction rotation of the central brush

there is a cylindrical brush located in the center of the machine which rotates in the opposite direction of the device and in comparison, with machines whose brushes rotate in the same direction can collect light pieces of waste a lot easier and a larger portion of the waste container’s capacity will be filled.

central brush vacuuming system

the vacuuming system which is placed on brava 1000 ht central brush, sucks fine dust particles in and optimizes the machine performance.  the system has the capability of turning on and off optionally.

efficient filtration

the high area cartridge filter of brava 1000 ht raises cleaning quality to a large extent and prevents dust particles from coming back to the environment.

adjustable handle

as an industrial sweeper brava 1000 ht has an adjustable handle that can be folded when the machine isn’t being used. this way, the machine will occupy the least possible space

while in storage

electrical filter cleaning

the pollutants piled up on brava 1000 ht filter can be cleaned by an electrical shaker. in other words, upon pushing a single button the cartridge will be shook and the remaining dust particles will be removed from it.

constant functioning

each time brava 1000 ht industrial sweeper is fueled, it can work for 4 successive hours .

easy service and maintenance 

simple design and easy access to all parts and components of the machine have facilitated brava 1000 ht service and maintenance.

side brush guard

in comparison with other similar models, an important advantage that brava 1000 ht benefits from is the side brush guard which protects the machine in case of any hard blows or collisions with nearby obstacles. 


walk-behind brava 1000 ht industrial sweeper is equipped with two rear wheels and one wheel in the front of the machine that facilitates movements of the machine and raise its maneuverability.

technical specifications

general specifications

productivity (m2/h) 3800
Max speed (Km/h) 4
maximum gradient on ramp (%) 20
running time (min) 240
cleaning width (mm) 950
minimum round width(cm) 150

tank specifications

hopper unloading manual
hopper capacity (L) 60

brush specifications

Main brush length (mm) 700

suction unit specifications

types and number of vacuum centrifugal-1

filtration unit specifications

type and number of filter cartridge-1
filter cleaning system electric
filter area (cm2) 30200

motor and power supply specifications

motor type petrol
power (KW) 4
fuel tank capacity (L) 3/6

physical specifications

weight (kg) 110
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 1380×920×980


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