high pressure washer- k 1050 ts t

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brand : Kranzle category : industrial hp cleaner code : K 1050 TST

the k 1050 ts t industrial waterjet is a highly efficient cleaning machine manufactured by the german company krenzel, which can be used as both a home carwash and an industrial carwash. the k 1050 ts t single-phase electric waterjet is produced in a completely creative and cohesive way, and at the same time, it has all the features of a single-phase waterjet, such as a plunger pump with steel-plated plungers and brass cylinders, durable body and solid cycles. also, this industrial car wash is provided in a completely user-friendly form with features such as power cable holder and hose reel, and its lens and rifle holder is located on the back of the device. therefore, not only does the user always have access to the peripherals he needs, but also the quality of their maintenance increases and makes the device take up the least space during use and maintenance.

 features of k 1050 tst pressure washer

k 1050 ts t industrial car wash machine is an advanced machine that has a very durable and high quality structure and is suitable and ideal for home applications. in the following, we will mention the features that make this device different from other similar products in the market.

plunger pump

in the design and production of the k 1050 tst industrial water jet machine, thick and high-strength cylinders have been used, which do not suffer from damage and bending like the weak arms of conventional pistons. planers are made of stainless materials that are highly resistant to water and moisture and also conduct heat well. the upper parts of the planers are covered with compressed ceramics, which will cause low wear and long life of the device.

total stop system

the k 1050 tst single-phase car wash machine benefits from an automatic shut-off system, which causes the pump to stop working when the user releases the gun tongue for any reason, thus preventing damage to the pump for life. the device increases.

quality anti-corrosion parts

the k 1050 tst cold water car wash machine is designed based on the use of water, so the pump and all parts and parts that come in contact with water are made of materials that are resistant to rust, such as stainless steel or brass alloy. to be. in this way, optimal performance and increase the useful life of the device is achieved.

rolling plate power transmission system

in the k 1050 tst manual car wash machine, a rolling plate with compact dimensions and high efficiency rotates with intermittent movement. this system is designed to transfer power between the pump and the motor, which converts the rotational motion of the motor into linear motion of the pump.

brass pump head

in order to prevent the pump from deteriorating due to constant contact with water and increase its service life in the k 1050 tst industrial waterjet machine, the cylinder heads are made of pressed brass or stainless steel.

technical specifications

general specifications

max admissible over pressure (bar) 160
total stop system bypass

pump specifications

operating pressure (bar) 130-160
water output (liter/min) 7.5
inlet water temperature, max (˚C) 60
nozzle size 30

motor and power supply specifications

motor type Electric
power (KW) 2.2
voltage - frequency (V - Hz) 220-50

physical specifications

high pressure hose length (m) 12
weight (kg) 24
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 860X350X340


optional parts

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