t16 ride-on scrubber

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brand : Tennant category : scrubber machine code : T16

heavy-duty scrubber t16 is an appliance for washing and cleaning up a high amount of contaminants. it has two disc brushes with a washing width of 1145 mm. for cleaning and washing floor surfaces, the device is equipped with a 190-liter solution tank and a 225-liter recovery tank. the high capacity of the water reservoirs in this heavy-duty machine reduces the number of times required to drain the recovery thank and fill the solution tank, which speeds up the washing and cleaning process. the low sound level of this device allows you to use it at any time of the day without disturbing the people in the environment. the use of energy stored in the battery has considerably increased the machine's gravity and the ability to wash and clean away parts of the reach.

the use of engineering design and creativity in the construction of this device has led to a significant reduction in maintenance costs. in addition, the use of robust materials and components of the quality of life of this machine has greatly increased the work. the steering command for this device is ergonomically designed to allow the device to be safely and easily navigated to the user. in addition to placing the control panel on the steering wheel, it facilitates user access quickly and therefore results in increased speed and quality of maintenance.

using the dc motor in this scrubber not only increases the useful life of the device but also reduces the maintenance costs associated with the device. another feature of this scrubber machine is the ability to equip with the sweeper kit, which allows the collection of big contaminants and thus significantly reduces the time required for washing and cleaning.

technical specifications

general specifications

working width (mm) 1145
Max speed (Km/h) 9

tank specifications

recovery tank capacity (L) 225
solution tank capacity (L) 190

brush specifications

number of brushes 2 + 1 Side brush
brush type Disc
brush speed (rpm) 300
brush pressure (kg) 91

suction unit specifications

waterlift max (mh2o) 1650
squeegee shape Arch

motor and power supply specifications

motor type Battery-Operated
power (KW) 3/3
battery capacity (Ah) 235

physical specifications

noise level (db) 68
weight (kg) 890
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 1475×1040×1880


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