heavy duty sweeper-scrubber m30

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brand : Tennant category : auto floor scrubber machine code : M30

m30 sweeper scrubber is a powerful floor cleaning machine, that combines sweeping and scrubbing and can be used either in dry or wet style. the machine is designed in an integrated manner and due to its high efficiency, it can provide high levels of cleanliness and hygiene. another important advantage of the machine is the pressure it exerts on the ground to remove tough pollutions from the ground. as an up-to-date cleaning machine, reducing cleaning costs, protecting people’s health, and easy service and maintenance can be mentioned. 

m30 sweeper scrubber

the cleaning width of this sweeper scrubber comes to a total of 1220 mm, but the rate can increase when using the side brushes; the cleaning width reaches 1575mm and the sweeping width comes to 1625mm. with regard to the large capacity of both solution and recovery tanks which are respectively 284 and 360 liters, the machine is quite capable of cleaning large spaces. the water is sprayed by the hose and thus the space is cleaned up quickly. there are steel guards both at the back and on the side of the machine which protect the machine against hard blows. there is a hydraulic tank behind the machine with a capacity of 198 liters which not only contributes to efficiency of the machine but it also prevents any contact between the operator and the pollutants. the operator’s cabin is at a reasonable height which provides him with an overall view of the environments and consequently better control over it.

the machine is controlled through a high quality, touch screen control panel which facilitates using the machine. there is no need to advanced instructions, and the instructional videos included in m30 memory will be enough. there is a backup camera at the rear of the machine which is used to warn the operator on a color basis about the obstacles which are around and thus guides the machine safely. the machine enables the operator with the operator to set the cleaning plan according to the space being cleaned. there is a start button on the machine which lets the operator access the machine set-up.

m30 sweeper scrubber features

m30 is a large industrial cleaning machine which is used for floor cleaning. the machine benefits from some special features which will be mentioned as follows.

high speed of movement

m30 scrubber drier’s highest speed is 13 kilometers per hour which is why it can be marked as one of the fastest scrubbers while moving. high speed can be considered as the reason for the fast cleaning and thus high efficiency of the machine.

diesel motor

m30 is a heavy-duty machine with large dimensions and that is why the machine needs a powerful motor with robust power. a diesel motor, therefore, is installed on the machine to provide the necessary energy the machine needs.

cylindrical brushes

m30 is equipped with two cylindrical brushes which both wash and clean. the length of each brush comes to 480mm and its diameter equals 305mm. as a result of such a wide range of coverage, a large space is covered in each round there will be no need to a second round of cleaning. 

side brush

m30 is equipped with a side brush in order to elevate cleaning quality and more specifically, to clean around the walls, and corners. the brush diameter is 410 while washing and 533 while cleaning.

cylindrical shock absorbers

m30 sweeper scrubber is equipped with protective shields and cylindrical shock absorbers which protect the device against sudden blows and possible damages and add to the machine life span in the long run.

easy service and maintenance 

sweeper scrubber machine has parts and components that need to be cleaned and washed and some other parts that should be checked and replaced if necessary. in m30 sweeper scrubber the parts that need to be washed or replaced are marked yellow which has facilitated the washing or replacing process for the operator. 

technical specifications

general specifications

working width (mm) 1575
suction width (mm) 1500
Max speed (Km/h) 13
maximum gradient on ramp (%) 14
cleaning width (mm) 1625
minimum round width(cm) 3175

tank specifications

recovery tank capacity (L) 360
solution tank capacity (L) 284
hopper capacity (L) 198
hopper emptying height (m) 1525

brush specifications

brush speed (rpm) 150
brush pressure (kg) 177
side brush diameter (mm) Scrubbing:410 Sweeping:533

suction unit specifications

air flow max (m3/h) 492
squeegee shape Arch

filtration unit specifications

type and number of filter Synthetic fbre panel / 3
filter area (cm2) 73000

motor and power supply specifications

motor type diesel-gasoline
power (KW) 30.6

physical specifications

weight (kg) 1815
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 2745×1473×1473


standard accessories

optional parts

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