heavy duty advance city street sweeper - 6100

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brand : Tennant category : advance city street sweeper code : 6100

6100 battery ride on sweeper with high maneuverability has been designed for variety of hard floors. it is able to move in congested, tight and narrow spaces easily and pass standard doorways and elevators because of its compact design. this heavy duty sweeper is made of solid and sturdy steel chases that cause to increase machine life and reduce total costs of maintenance. 6100 sub-compact sweeper collects dust and debris effectively and provides maximum productivity with one-pass sweeping performance even a large quantity of dumps.

this sub-compact sweeper has 970 mm cleaning pass and 85 liters hopper capacity, the dump type is manual and 360 degree sightlines and user friendly design make it possible to pick up all dust and debris due to the easy to use controls. 6100 sweeper has been equipped with one roller brush in center and two disk brushes in front of the machine. 6100 sweeper efficient filtration system prevents returning of dusts into the environment after collecting. hydraulic oil system, solid steel frame and no-tool brush and filter changing keep 6100 sweeper reliable and increase uptime of the machine.  

both outdoors and indoors will be cleaned by 6100 sub-compact sweeper. the hopper can be removed very quickly and glided easily by using a built-in handle and wheels. the corner roller and rear bumper protect the machine instead of strikes. dual side brushes of 6100 will expand sweeper productivity because they are able to clean more area of floors in less time. all brushes will be raised and lowered easily by simple manual levers. this ride on sweeper is made in industrial grade, so it can be used almost everywhere and moved between floors by standard elevators.         

technical specifications

general specifications

productivity (m2/h) 4330
Max speed (Km/h) 8
maximum gradient on ramp (%) 17.6 - 14.1
cleaning width (mm) 970
minimum round width(cm) 1830

tank specifications

hopper unloading manual
hopper capacity (L) 85

brush specifications

side brush diameter (mm) 41
Main brush length (mm) 560

filtration unit specifications

filter area (cm2) 31000

motor and power supply specifications

motor type electrical - battery
power (KW) 0.56
battery capacity (Ah) 220

physical specifications

weight (kg) 503
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 1520×810×1180


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