heavy duty street cleaner - 6200d

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brand : Tennant category : street cleaner code : 6200D

6200d ride on sweeper is a powerful cleaning machine which is able to clean dusty and it can increase productivity duo to capture dust and debris in a single pass. this machine has been designed and engineered with high quality parts that make it possible continuous operation. 6200d is a high maneuverable compact diesel sweeper and it is made of solid steel frame, offers exceptional and efficient performance and easy operation. the cleaning path of 6200d is 1070 mm and its hopper capacity is 120 liters and ensures reliable duty. the filter will be cleaned effectively with filter shaker, so filtration system keeps free of clogging.  

sturdy chases, two-stage dust control, hydraulic oil system and also no-tool brush changing which cause to reliable running of 6200d. the machine has ease of use controls, great sightlines and hydraulic dump hopper system. the multi-level discharging hopper system has ability of dumping directly into the trash up to 1.37 m. there is rear bumper and corner roller on the 6200d heavy duty sweeper body to protect fixtures and equipment. for better cleaning and reach to maximum power, brush cavity can be adjusted. another safety system is thermos sentry that monitors temperature of the hopper, in high temperature cases vacuums operation will shut-down.  

heavy duty body construction of 6200d sweeper reduces repair and maintenance costs. there is roller brush in the center and dual side brushes on the machine. side brushes collect dust and debris efficiently even increases user productivity. the innovative dump hopper system eliminates manual lifting, so the operator will keep in safe condition. also the large capacity of the hopper makes it possible to sweeping floors more and more between dumping.      

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