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brand : Tennant category : IND floor cleaning machine code : T20

t20 a heavy-duty industrial scrubber drier which is a very useful machine in floor cleaning and since it is equipped with a strong brushing system and an exceptionally powerful vacuuming system, it is considered as a really suitable choice for cleaning very polluted environments. ease of use, service and maintenance have made the machine very popular among users. using this machine in industrial and commercial environments can have a huge effect on increasing the cleaning quality and work efficiency. high safety and speed can be considered as other important features of the machine. using the machine in industrial and commercial environments has given a considerable raise to cleaning quality and

the general output.

  t20 industrial scrubber drier

using a diesel motor and not needing a power cable has extended the scope of operation which will make cleaning the floor in inaccessible points possible. using cylindrical brushes will help the operator wash and clean the surfaces and collect pollutants as well. since there is a basket for collecting solid pollutants in recovery tank, the machine won’t let them enter the tanks and block the hose and the outer opening of the machine later. 

among other significant features of t20 heavy- duty industrial scrubbers, ease of access to internal components of the machine for service and maintenance purposes and the troubleshooting system integrated with the device can be mentioned. placing the operator’s seat in the front of the machine plays an important role in providing the operator with an overall view of the surrounding which leads to a completely safe cleaning procedure. the powerful vacuuming motor which is embedded in t20, sucks all the dirty water in, and leave the surface dry and clean. as a result of such a cleaning procedure, the floor won’t be slippery and there will be no dangers.

t20 ride-on scrubber drier distinguishing features

as a heavy-duty machine, t20 industrial scrubber drier is designed for large environments. this powerful machine has some special features which distinguishes it in comparison with other similar machines. some of these features are as follows.

industrial and powerful structure

t20 is a resistant ride-on industrial scrubber drier which is designed for industrial and tough environments and thus, industrial standards have been taken into consideration in its production. steel chassis, together with shock absorber cylinders as well as protective shields protect the machine against any hard blows. ivory wheels help the machine move firmly on the floor which gives it good maneuverability. 

diesel motor

t20 is equipped with a diesel motor which makes the machine perfectly apt for cleaning polluted industrial environments. since diesel industrial floor scrubber driers make the air slightly polluted, they’d better not be used in indoors. working on a diesel motor, the operator won’t be worried low battery levels or running out of battery charge which can be considered as an advantage of t20 scrubber drier.

cylindrical brushes

t20 is among very few industrial scrubber driers which is equipped with cylindrical brushes. the machine is equipped with two cylindrical brushes which are installed under the machine in a parallel manner.   besides cleaning the floor, these two cylindrical brushes collect solid debris and waste from the floor as well.  therefore, in case there are small, dry debris on the floor, there will be no need to sweep in advance of cleaning with scrubber drier. the length of the brush is about 1020mm and the diameter is 300 mm. 

side brush 

t20 industrial scrubber drier is equipped with a disk brush with a diameter of 410 mm which is used mainly for cleaning corners and around the walls. since the side brush adds to the cleaning width and the machine efficiency, there will be a noticeable raise in cleaning quality as well. 

waste collection basket

t20 industrial ride-on scrubber drier is equipped with two cylindrical brushes which help it collect small pieces of waste and debris. it also has a container for keeping the afore mentioned waste. this container basket is located in the recovery tank which contributes to collecting pollutants and prevents any blockages in the hose or the outer openings.

technical specifications

general specifications

working width (mm) 1370
Max speed (Km/h) 13

tank specifications

solution tank capacity (L) 303
recovery tank capacity (L) 360

brush specifications

number of brushes 2+1 Side Brush
brush type Cylindrical
brush speed (rpm) 480
brush pressure (kg) 181

suction unit specifications

waterlift max (mh2o) 890

motor and power supply specifications

motor type diesel
power (KW) 19

physical specifications

weight (kg) 1497
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 2410×1270×1437


standard accessories

optional parts

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