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brand : Tennant category : IND floor washing machine code : T20

a t20 scrubber is an appliance for cleaning floor surfaces, which, thanks to its brushing system and exceptional suction power, has a high level of washing and cleaning of highly contaminated surfaces. easy to use, as well as easy maintenance and maintenance of the device has made the device popular among users. using this device in industrial and commercial environments can have an effective role in improving the quality of washing and efficiency. one of the most important features of this device is the safe and fast cleaning of the environment. the use of this machine in industrial and commercial environments increases the efficiency and quality of washing.

the use of a diesel engine and no need to a power cord in this scrubber system will increase the accessibility of the machine and thus make it easy to clean distant parts floor surfaces. using a roller brush in this heavy-duty scrubber allows not only the ability to wash and clean surfaces but also the ability to collect contaminants. placing a basket of solid pollutants in the dirty water tank prevents blockage and clogging of hoses and outlet openings by preventing contaminants from entering the tank.

other features of the t20's heavy scrubber machine include ease of access to internal components of the machine for service and maintenance and an integrated fault-finding system with the device. positioning the user's seat in the front part plays an important role in increasing the visibility of the user and ensures the safe cleaning of the environment. the powerful suction engine used on this machine with the complete suction of contaminated water from the rinse prevents the surfaces from being wet, and thus reduces the risk of slipping surfaces significantly.

technical specifications

general specifications

working width (mm) 1370
Max speed (Km/h) 13

tank specifications

recovery tank capacity (L) 360
solution tank capacity (L) 303

brush specifications

number of brushes 2+1 Side Brush
brush type Cylindrical
brush speed (rpm) 480
brush pressure (kg) 177

suction unit specifications

waterlift max (mh2o) 890

motor and power supply specifications

motor type diesel
power (KW) 19

physical specifications

weight (kg) 1497
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 2410×1270×1437


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