ride on scrubber t12

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brand : Tennant category : industrial scrubber machine code : T12
the t12 scrubber is one of tennant's most efficient floor-standing machines. the engineering and precise design of this frosting machine improves the quality and ability to rinse it in heavy cleaning operations in industrial environments. easy maintenance and service, exceptional lifespan and strength, high maneuverability and high displacement due to design and compact dimensions, and low maintenance costs are one of the distinguishing features of this scrubber. using this ride on floor scrubber made an effective cleaning and cleaning environment with high contamination levels due to the robust design and powerful engine power of the machine.
the brushless ac motors, in place of conventional dc motors, have a high lifespan and very low maintenance costs. the t12 curve squeegee is 990 mm wide, sucks water and contamination well and evenly so that the surface is completely dry. this scrubber model has a clean 132 liter tank and a 166 liter dirty water tank. this volume of water makes it easy to rinse out the large area with just one tank filling.
the brush pressure in the t12 scrubber is 114 kg, which makes it possible to remove contaminants well from the surface. the device has a sound level of 62 db, which makes it sound as usual and does not cause problems in environments that require silence. the t12's power supply is a battery that should be fully charged before use.

technical specifications

general specifications

working width (mm) 810
suction width (mm) 990
Max speed (Km/h) 8

tank specifications

solution tank capacity (L) 132
recovery tank capacity (L) 166
tank material Polyethylene

brush specifications

number of brushes 2
brush type disc
brush speed (rpm) 325
brush pressure (kg) 114

suction unit specifications

waterlift max (mh2o) 1650

motor and power supply specifications

motor type Battery-Operated
power (KW) 2/99
battery capacity (Ah) 240

physical specifications

noise level (db) 62
weight (kg) 664
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 1710×945×1420


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