mural scent system ea500

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brand : Ebrahim category : scent system code : EA500

the use of air fresheners is nowadays very common and these devices are available in many different types so that they can create a pleasant aroma and use the undeniable impact of the sense of smell on human body in a positive direction.

but the aroma of particles in the gaseous state it affects the sense of smell more than the liquid state and this is the basis of the work of spray and air fresheners. air freshener ea500 is a very functional device among the various models available in the market. this device is beautifully designed and has very good dimensions and without occupying much space and just by sitting on a table in the corner of the room and make the environment very fragrant. let’s discuss some of the features of the device:

the weight of the machine has been limited to 4 kg and the dimensions are 11-28-30 and it can cover an area of ​​500 cubic meters with an approximate power of 4 watts in less than 5 minutes. it can be adjusted in either normal or turbo mode if needed.

atomization technology

most air fresheners rely on atomization technology, by this technology particles containing essential oils the liquid inside the device is affected by pressure before leaving the device due to being under the standard pressure they turn to gas state.

washable tanks

the tank of the device is 200 cc and absolutely washable.

other features

the device also has a digital thermometer, remote control, the ability to be installed on the wall and a permanent memory.


air freshener ea500 provides different scents and therefore it can cover a wide range of tastes. houses, offices, toilets, banks, restaurants, stores and schools are some of the places that air freshener ea500 system can be applied.

technical specifications

general specifications

Coverage Area (m3) 500

tank specifications

Essential oil tank volume (ml) 100

motor and power supply specifications

energy consumption (w) 4

physical specifications

weight (kg) 4
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 30*11*28

Special Features

Digital Thermometer yes
Remote control yes


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