street sweeper es4

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brand : Ebrahim category : street cleaner code : ES4

urban cleanliness includes a plethora of levels of streets, sidewalks, parks and all open urban environments. due to the vastness of such environments, cleaning operations can be time-consuming and costly, besides achieving a high- good cleaning operation requires a regular and continuous plan. today the number and variety of cleaning machines are such that almost any environment and any type of contamination can be found to be a highly specialized device to achieve the ideal level of cleanliness. es4 is a device with ideal features for cleaning urban environments.

the benefits of using an iranian sweeper es4

the machine is equipped with a 4-cylinder engine with a power output of about 97 kw and therefore the machine is one of the powerful equipment among other kinds. brushes are available in two types of discs and rollers with good quality and high coverage capability. the rotating brush is always working  during the operation while the use of only one disc brush can be enough during the cleaning operation of corners of the floor

cleaning without dust rising

a street sweeper is used to collect dust and solid particles of small to large dimensions.this can cause dust in the environment during cleaning. but the es4 is equipped with a water tank, spraying water on the brushes of the device and preventing dust particles from being created in the environment by moistening the brushes. this is one of the benefits of using es4.

other features for es4

when deciding to buy a street sweeper, in addition to the engine specifications, the capacity of the fuel tank and the height of the discharge should also be taken into account in order to make the best decision. the street sweeper es4 has a fuel tank of 4 cubic meters, a discharge height of 4.5 meters and a useful working width of about 230 cm when cleaning.

technical specifications

tank specifications

water tank capacity (L) 700-800
hopper emptying height (m) 4.5

brush specifications

side brush diameter (mm) 500

motor and power supply specifications

power (KW) 97
number of cylinders 4

physical specifications

weight (kg) 3500


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