high pressure washer- hd 10-122

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brand : Kranzle category : industrial hp cleaner code : HD 10-122

kranzle hd 10/122 is one the most compact pressure washers in the market. because of its space saving design, silent and durable electric motor and operating pressure of 30-120 bars, this pressure washer is an absolutely convenient tool for commercial and domestic applications. high-quality materials and components such as brass pump heads, stainless steel plungers with ceramic coating, glycerin dampened stainless steel pressure gauge used in the production of this practical machine, make it so reliable and durable.

this practical and powerful pressure washer is equipped with modern protective systems such as water cushions between the high-pressure seals on the plungers, fabric sleeves and teflon graphite backing ring on each plunger. these efficient systems protect the pump against the water shortage and air leakage. so the lack of water can not damage the pump for quite some period and these systems considerably increase the service life of the machine.

using kranzle hd 10/122 pressure washer is so easy and even unprofessional users can work with it easily and without any problems and just following the machine's manual and safety tips will be enough to utilize this practical machine.  the operating pressure and water output are completely adjustable and the user can exactly adjust them to suit the cleaning task.

this pressure washer is equipped with dirtkiller lance with stainless steel pipe and stainless steel lance with flat jet nozzle and it is offered with a 10-meter steel braided high-pressure hose which provides the machine with a large operation radius. in order to increase user's safety, the machine switch over to a bypass operation and the water is circulated with a pressure of approx. 10 bar. this system prolongs the service life of the machine and it also saves energy.

this top quality made in germany pressure washer meets all cleaning needs of the user and makes the cleaning jobs faster and more efficient.

technical specifications

general specifications

max admissible over pressure (bar) 135
total stop system yes

pump specifications

operating pressure (bar) 30-120
water output (liter/min) 10
inlet water temperature, max (˚C) 60
nozzle size 042

motor and power supply specifications

motor type electric
power (KW) 2.5
voltage - frequency (V - Hz) 50/220

physical specifications

high pressure hose length (m) 10
weight (kg) 23
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 440×200×330