iranian vacuum cleaner-ev3s

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brand : Ebrahim category : vacuum cleaner unit code : EV3S

sv3s iranian vacuum cleaner unit is a professional and powerful wet and dry three single phase motor vacuum cleaner, has been equipped with an 80 liter tank and high efficiency performance for cleaning medium and large environments. sv3s iranian vacuum cleaner unit motors are individually powered on and off, so the airflow is adjusted according to the operating conditions and requirements. the vacuum cleaner has a stainless steel body set on a high strength four wheel steel chassis. high suction power and airflow, high capacity along with durability and high performance make the three single phase motor vacuum cleaner an ideal and efficient option for cleaning a variety of commercial, semi industrial and industrial environments.

features of iranian industrial sv3s vacuum cleaner

the sv3s model has several important features:

main structure

sv3s iranian vacuum cleaner comes with a stainless steel body that is completely resistant to corrosion and rust. therefore, this device is suitable for collecting solid and liquid contaminants and can be used to collect liquids without worrying about rust.

liquid drain valve

there is a drain valve mounted on the device to facilitate the discharge of liquids collected by the iranian industrial sv3s vacuum cleaner.

efficient filtering system

the filter unit of sv3s three single phase motor vacuum cleaner is a filter bag that traps dust particles and does not allow damage the motors. it can be easily removed from the machine to clean and will be cleaned by shaking and washing.

ease of movement

the main body of the iranian sv3s vacuum cleaner is mounted on a chassis made of high strength steel and has four wheels with 360 degree rotation, making it easy to move and operate the machine. at the top there is a handle attached to the chassis that allows easy use of the machine.

professional pump and motor

sv3s iranian vacuum cleaner has a powerful suction unit. this unit with industrial design and advanced design has made the machine more powerful and efficient than other similar products on the market

technical specifications

general specifications

power cable length (m) 10
chassis and wheel دارد

tank specifications

hopper capacity (L) 80

suction unit specifications

types and number of vacuum Centrifugal - 3
waterlift max (mh2o) 2550
air flow max (m3/h) 522

filtration unit specifications

type and number of filter bag filter - 1

motor and power supply specifications

motor type collector
power (KW) 3.9
voltage - frequency (V - Hz) 200 - 50

physical specifications

noise level (db) 69
weight (kg) 31
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 500×500×1150


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