pacific-fresh essence

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brand : Kiehl category : detergent code : Pacific-fresh

ocean essential oils - fresh concentrate in aisha health and medical services it is better to be able to contact you using other resources and be able to easily collect your services and help your person at another time by easily voting. the service providers and in this especially use these features, the oceans of calm and fresh ocean can provide you with their minerals for using the air and using these services using the calm and fresh ocean. give. covered, it brings a fresh and fragrant scent to the space as completely hygienic, and the fresh oceanic ocean scent with its fragrance quickly covers up the bad smell of the environment and instead brings a fresh and clean scent. the ingredients of pacific-fresh essential oil are emulsifiers, care components and fragrances of limonene, benzyl salicylate, linoleic, citronella, companion the ph of the concentrate.

features pacific-fresh essential oil pacific-fresh essential oil

contains a special aroma of fresh calm scales very good perfume to improve the ambient air with long-term effects effective concealer in eliminating the unpleasant odor of the environment publisher of freshness and aromatic fragrance in the surrounding space can be used manually on the scrubber

pacific-fresh essential oil storage conditions

it is essential to avoid contact with eyes and hands, so that glasses and gloves should be worn when using this essential oil and should be out of the reach of children.

places to use pacific-fresh essential oil pacific-fresh essential oil

an aromatic oil that covers bad odors and instead brings a fresh and clean scent. pacific-fresh essential oils can be used in hospitals and medical centers, schools and universities, cinemas and conferences, mosques and large and small religious spaces, commercial and office residential complexes, companies, airports and passenger terminals and health environments and it's a toilet.

technical specifications

general specifications

pH (Concentrated) 3

physical specifications

weight (kg) 0,541kg


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