home scent system ea200

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brand : Ebrahim category : scent system code : EA200

the ea200 home scent systems ea200 is an ideal device for creating a pleasant aroma in the environment. this device, with the possibility of covering the environment up to 200 cubic meters, along with compact and small dimensions, has a very beautiful appearance, so that in addition to perfuming the environment, it gives it a stylish and special effect. the ability to spray the essential oil evenly and the ability to adjust the time and duration of the essence release, makes this device an ideal equipment in the environment. essences have the right ingredients fo consumption with this device, the fragrance should be selected according to the conditions and characteristics of the environment, thus increasing the compatibility of the device with the environment.

features of ea200 home scent systems ea200

among the most important features of this device, we can mention the following:

atomization technology

the operation of the ea200 home scent systems ea200 , based on atomization technology, converts essential oils from liquid to powder when they leave the tank, making it possible to cover a larger space for equipment. with its help, the fragrance is released in the space with higher speed and quality and evenly. in addition, it prevents respiratory and skin allergies.

proper design and structure

a home perfume sprayer with a stylish, beautiful design and light structure can give a beautiful effect to the environment. thanks to its beautiful design the place looks more elegant

the different colors of the device make it suitable for different environments with different layouts.

other facilities

other ea200 features include:


the posibility to be installed on the wall

washable tank with a capacity of 50 ml

equipped with digital thermometer

possibility of remote control

applications of the device

some of applications are:



shops and small shops

medical offices

restaurant and coffee shop

small shrines

sports complexes

galleries, studios

technical specifications

general specifications

Coverage Area (m3) 200

tank specifications

Essential oil tank volume (ml) 0/05

motor and power supply specifications

energy consumption (w) 4/5

Special Features

Remote control yes
Digital Thermometer yes
Programmability no
speed control capability yes


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