ibc washing foam cleaner

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brand : Ebrahim category : detergent code : IBC Washing Foam Cleaner

industrial detergent is a water-based and environmentally friendly industrial ibc washing foam cleaner that is used to remove hard contaminants such as oil. this ibc washing foam cleaner is produced by the advanced and modern technologies which many industrial equipment and parts can be washed by this strong material. the presence of oil contaminants in various industries is a major problem and a kind of challenge, however many of these problems are eliminated by using this industrial ibc washing foam cleaner .

features of industrial detergent

the industrial detergent industrial ibc washing foam cleaner features:

it is environmentally friendly.

it is completely non-toxic and non-flammable.

easily soluble in water.

it does not damage the ozone layer as well as the marine ecosystem and is therefore an ideal material for ships, vessels and tankers washing.

the industrial detergent is a strong and efficient industrial ibc washing foam cleaner that can easily remove grease and oil combined with dirt and mass. this phenomenon is a common in the factories and industrial workshops.

this material can be used both manually, by industrial pressure washer and industrial steam cleaners.

saving water, time and money are other features and benefits of industrial detergent .


industrial detergent is a very effective and strong material for washing equipment and various surfaces in heavy industries, including petrochemicals, power plants, shipping, steel, drilling, etc., and the body of all types of light and heavy vehicles in rail transportation and aviation.

consumption instruction

when using this material, it must first be shaken well to be stirred and then sprayed on the desired surface. after 2 minutes, the ibc washing foam cleaner must be cleaned by a suitable brush or cloth and then the surface is rinsed with enough water so that if the water has a higher pressure, a better result will be obtained. due to the high degreasing properties of the material, it should not come into direct contact with the skin and eyes and should be washed off with plenty of water.

technical specifications

Cleaning Specifications

Material of Cleaning Surfaces Metal surfaces, heavy transport bodies
Contamination Oil, grease and oil combined with soil and mass


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