industrial sweeper - citymaster300

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brand : Ebrahim category : street cleaner code : citymaster300

excellent performance and excellent maneuverability make the citymaster 300 an urban sweeper an economical solution for cleaning the city. the unique design of the single-passenger cabin has made it the most versatile sidewalk cleaning device and city vacuum cleaner for large environments.

suitable dimensions and volume of the citymaster 300 tank make this urban sweeper suitable for quality cleaning and less moving time. citymaster 300 urban sweeper has a suitable design for transporting and emptying the waste tank, which allows you to use the most efficient option with the cleaning method. ergonomically designed and lockable operator cab designed to increase user safety, has a great view of 240 degrees. this is a suspension cabin with low vibration and sound insulation. all controls are directly visible to the operator. this pm10 certified city sweeper has tremendous maneuverability to prevent the spread of dust with its unique design. cleaning the sidewalk and passing cars outdoors could not be an easier solution than using the citymaster 300.

features of citymaster 300 urban sweeper

  • use a hose for easy access to all contaminants
  • heating system inside the cabin
  • has air conditioning system
  • using a variety of disc brushes
  • easy access to all device components and easy maintenance

other features

having a suction nozzle with controllable in front of the device, recirculation of air which increases the efficiency and drainage system of the hydraulic waste tank, the use of this urban sweeper facilitates the cleaning of large areas. the use of peripheral equipment in urban sweepers makes it possible to obtain exemplary cleaning quality with this mechanized industrial cleaning device. the use of these urban sweepers in cleaning open spaces, workshops and factories, parking lots of recreational complexes and open sports complexes will significantly increase the speed and quality of cleaning and will greatly reduce the costs of the cleaning process.

technical specifications

general specifications

Max speed (Km/h) 8
cleaning width (mm) 1750

tank specifications

hopper capacity (L) 120
hopper emptying height (m) 1290

brush specifications

number of brushes 2
brush width (mm) 720

suction unit specifications

suction inlet (mm) 420

motor and power supply specifications

motor type 2-cylinder diesel
power (KW) 9.7
fuel tank capacity (L) 20

physical specifications

weight (kg) 880
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 2500×1100×1530


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