industrial sweeper - citymaster2000

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brand : Ebrahim category : industrial floor sweeper code : citymaster2000

urban cleaning work and processes can take a long time for operators and contractors to clean. citymaster 2000 city sweepers set new standards in terms of use and driver comfort and can greatly reduce the time and energy required in the cleaning process.

this mechanized cleaning device with four movable wheels and easy to move with a suitable cleaning width of 2500 mm and a high tank volume of about 1850 liters is able to collect a large volume of pollution in a short time. the citymaster 2000 city sweeper, with its ability to mechanically drain the high-altitude pollution tank, as well as additional options for easy maintenance in the winter, ensures complete management of urban cleaning tasks throughout the year.

key features of citymaster 2000 urban sweeper

  • volkswagen euro v 4-cylinder diesel engine
  • 4-wheel steering as standard
  • parabolic coil spring suspension
  • comfortable and ergonomic double cabin
  • brush protection system against collisions
  • travel speed 50 km per hour

other features

citymaster 2000 is an advanced and compact compact vehicle that is designed for flexible operation all year round and offers urban cleanliness at a low cost of life. built as a well-mechanized cleaning machine with incredible ease of performance, the citymaster 2000 has a low-power, euro 5-compliant engine that sets new standards in terms of durability, reliability and efficiency.

the system works with two brushes and has a cleaning width of 2.50 meters with a hydraulic disc brush, which can be easily adjusted by the user in terms of speed, pressure and working width. high quality cleaning with 3 available brushes, provides more flexibility for cleaning under park benches and walkways in different urban environments.

technical specifications

general specifications

Max speed (Km/h) 15.50
cleaning width (mm) 2500
minimum round width(cm) 3490

tank specifications

water tank capacity (L) 330
hopper capacity (L) 1850

brush specifications

number of brushes 2
brush width (mm) 900

suction unit specifications

air flow max (m3/h) 90-180
suction inlet (mm) 200

motor and power supply specifications

motor type 4-cylinder diesel
power (KW) 75
fuel tank capacity (L) 65

physical specifications

weight (kg) 4500
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 3450×1300×1999


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