urban sweeper - ic15

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brand : Ebrahim category : floor sweeping machine code : ic15

the ic15 sweeper is one of ibrahim urban sweepers, suitable for cleaning ouhe ic15 sweeper is one of ibrahim urban sweepers, suitable for cleaning outdoor areas. using a 4 kw gasoline engine, this machine is able to clean the environment for 2.5 hours with one full refueling. the ic15 urban sweeper has a long nozzle that the user must use to collect debris and dust from the ground. this hose with a diameter of 10 cm is connected to the suction system and waste tank at the end. the suction system of this sweeper with high suction power collects any kind of dirt including tree leaves, bottles and cans. this system also works in reverse and you can use it for the process of blowing air to collect the leaves in an enclosed part. the ic15 urban sweeper hose does not weigh much and can be easily controlled with one hand.

features of ic15 urban sweeper

garbage vacuumed by the ic15 sweeper hose is thrown into a refuse bin at the back of the machine. this bucket has a capacity of 240 liters and the user can easily take the tank to the unloading place by removing it from the device. in addition to the garbage wheels, three flow wheels are designed for the device so that it can be easily moved in the environment. due to the function of suction and movement system and in general the design of ic15 urban sweeper, cleaning of urban areas, warehouses, school grounds and other educational centers and the outer space of recreational and commercial centers is possible with this device. other features of this device include a hydraulic propulsion motor for easy forward movement of the device and the possibility of moving on slopes.

technical specifications

general specifications

Max speed (Km/h) 6
maximum gradient on ramp (%) 15
cleaning width (mm) 100

tank specifications

hopper capacity (L) 240

motor and power supply specifications

motor type gasoline
power (KW) 4

physical specifications

weight (kg) 220
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 1840x940x1600


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