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brand : Ebrahim category : scent systems code : AITAY II +
Today, one of the most essential devices that is necessary and essential is the air freshener. Air freshener + AITAY II is one of the best and most widely used air fresheners. The dimensions of this device are small and in such a way that it takes up little space. You can use different positions to place this device. Due to the beautiful and luxurious design of the air freshener + AITAY II is the best place to place the device on the table or install it on the wall.

Advantages of using air freshener + AITAY II

In AITAY + deodorant, the most advanced technologies, including the atomization system, are used in order to distribute the desired aroma evenly and diffuse the desired aroma. Atomization technology is the best method compared to other methods and systems of essential oil distribution, and it works in such a way that it drops the essential oil droplets in a very large amount and spreads them in the air, which makes the essential oil quickly. , Spread more intensity and power. AITAY + Fragrance Sprayer can be used in commercial environments with a small space and a maximum area of ​​500 cubic meters and spreads the fragrance in full space in less than 5 minutes. Other important features of this device include the ability to program and specify the working time of the device. This feature is included in the device for this purpose so that the user can have more control over the deodorant, for example, on what days of the week and at what hours the device works. The programming of the device is done by remote control. It can also be used to control turning the device on and off. The status display is located on the AITAY II air freshener to find out the status of the device.

technical specifications

general specifications

Coverage Area (m3) 500

tank specifications

Essential oil tank volume (ml) 100

motor and power supply specifications

energy consumption (w) 4

Special Features

Programmability yes
Remote control yes
Digital Thermometer yes


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