high pressure washer - therm 895 st

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brand : Kranzle category : sandblasting machine code : Therm 895 ST

therm 895 st is an oil-heated hot water station with finest engineering technology. this potent high-pressure cleaner can deliver water with the temperature in a range of 12 to 86 centigrade so it can be used as both hot water and cold water high-pressure washer. this machine is able to spray water steam too and it can be used with detergent when degreasing or high level of hygiene is needed. the supply of detergent can be activated by a switch on the panel which is connected to the pump for additives.

therm 895 st hot water high-pressure cleaner has a modern diesel burner with a vertical combustion chamber which provides the machine with highest thermal efficiency. this innovative design warrants reduced heating oil consumption and low emissions and solves the sooting up problem.

the temperature is continuously adjustable by means of a digital thermostat so the machine can rapidly be adjusted to any operating situation. the digital thermostat has two operating modes: temperature mode and percentage mode. if the percentage mode is used, the temperature of the high-pressure jet is kept constant in a very narrow range. in addition, this sophisticated thermostat has a memory and all setting cab be saved and applied when the machine is next used. this oil-heated high-pressure cleaner is equipped with effective safety systems for safe performance of burner such as visual flame monitoring and low fuel cut off for burner.

the housing of therm 895 st is form-fit and made of high-quality stainless steel with rounded edges. this electric high-pressure washer is equipped with a clearly arranged control panel including operating hours meter and large stainless steel manometer which first-class control. other outstanding equipment and features of therm 895 st hot water station include water tank, water flow monitoring device, total-stop system with delayed motor cut-out, additional electrical over-current protection, 4-way safety system with overload protection.

technical specifications

general specifications

max admissible over pressure (bar) 215
detergent pressure yes
water tank yes
total stop system yes

pump specifications

operating pressure (bar) 30-195
water output (liter/min) 14.9
inlet water temperature, max (˚C) 60
nozzle size 045

motor and power supply specifications

motor type electric
power (KW) 7.5
voltage - frequency (V - Hz) 400/50

physical specifications

high pressure hose length (m) 10
weight (kg) 235
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 800×650×1600

boiler specifications

boiler type diesel
boiler power (KW) 25
hot water output temperature (˚C) 12-86
steam temperature, max (˚C) 155
boiler fuel tank capacity (L) 25
boiler fuel consumption (L/h) 6 - 7.1


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