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Atom E Plus is a high-quality industrial cleaning machine which is used for fast and efficient indoor or outdoor sweeping and operates on a battery. The cleaning procedure will be faster and more effective while the costs will be significantly decreased. Atom E Plus is equipped with two side brushes for collecting the waste and a central brush for transferring the brush to the main waste container. The brushes are floating and their height can be adjusted with mechanical levers. Side brushes are retractable, in other words they are designed in a way that colliding environmental barriers will cause the least possible damages to the machine. The vacuuming system of the side brushes prevents the spread of dust in the environment and leads to a better implementation of the cleaning procedure. Since the machine is equipped with a cartridge filter, the dust will be completely removed from the surface.

There is a key on the machine which is designed for stopping the vacuuming system in case the operator notices a wet surface. The central brush is a cylindrical brush with a counter- clock-wise rotation as a result, there will be an optimized use of the waste container. The waste container of Atom E Plus is of 95 liters and is equipped with wheels which help the operator remove and transfer the waste container to an appropriate place. To control Atom E Plus is just like controlling a car, and it won’t be a tiring procedure which leaves the operator fatigued. Placing the operator’s seat on the front of the machine gives the operator a complete view of the surrounding and improves the cleaning quality. The operator’s seat is also adjustable according to the operator’s height. There is a control panel on the operator’s seat, with all the keys the operator needs for controlling the machine. This way, he can control the machine easily and the cleaning procedure will be facilitated.  

Atom E Plus also benefits from an appropriate size and front differential system, both of which help it have excellent maneuverability when crossing over the obstacles in the environment. As an outdoor sweeping machine, it has a resistant steel chassis with large super elastic wheels which are not only resistant to getting punctured but they also help the machine move smoothly over different surfaces. The machine is also equipped with flashing warning lights which is active while the machine is working. All in all, the simple structure of Atom E Plus facilitates access to its different components for service and maintenance purposes. 

Atom E Plus Unique Features

As a ride-on , battery operated industrial sweeper, Atom E Plus is one of the most efficient sweeping machines and since it is equipped with batteries and doesn’t produce toxic gases, can work efficiently in cleaning and collecting dry waste. Some of the most distinguishing features of the machine are as follows:

Great Maneuverability 

Compact dimensions of this outdoor sweeper have turned it into an ideal tool for cleaning purposes and collecting dry waste in small spaces and narrow walkways.  Since the machine is equipped with three wheels one of which is one the front, it takes advantage of great maneuverability specially in narrow spaces.  

Complete Dominance over the Environment

In order to improve the operator’s sight and provide him with complete dominance over the environment being cleaned, the operator’s seat is placed on the front of the machine. Asa result the cleaning quality has raised to a good level and all waste and dirt is cleaned from corners. Furthermore, the security has also been improved. 

Ergonomic Design

To improve the operator’s comfort, his seat is designed in a way that it can be adjusted fitting his physical conditions. 

Efficient Filtration System

Taking advantage of six cartridge filters with an area of six square meters and being equipped with an electrical filter cleaning service guarantee an optimized and efficient performance of the filtration system in trapping fine dust particles and preventing them from exiting. 

Dust Buster System

Dust buster system prevents dust from being raised by side brooms rotation, and improves the cleaning performance and the operator comfort. It is also equipped with a vacuuming system and by vacuuming airborne particles, the machine purifies the air as well.

Counter-Clock-Wise Rotation of the Central Brush

The way the central brush rotates and how the pollutants and waste are transferred to the waste container play an important role in optimizing waste container use. Counter-clock-wise rotation of the central brush sends the pollutants toward the waste container which leads to maximum use of waste container capacity. Using a cylindrical brush with counter-clock-wise rotation raises the cleaning quality level and speeds up the cleaning procedure.

V-Shaped Structure of Central Brush Fibers

Central brush fibers are structured in a V-shaped style, and thus the power and capability of the industrial sweeper in collecting pollutants of different sizes is raised to a considerable degree. Since this ride-on scrubber is equipped with a cylindrical brush with fibers in a V-shaped style , the result is nothing less than an effective and high-quality cleaning.

Retractability of Side Brushes

In order to increase the strength and resistance of the machine and reducing the service and maintenance or replacement costs, the side brushes are designed as retractable brushes, which upon hitting any obstacles will retract and prevent any possible damages. In order to maximize the effective contact between both the cylindrical and side brushes with the surface, their heights are easily adjustable with a mechanical lever.

Easy Service and Maintenance

The machine is designed in a way that accessing internal components is quite easy and it has resulted in a reduction in costs and has also facilitated service and maintenance. Taking advantage of a steel chassis protects the internal components in case of any collisions with the obstacles in the environment. 

Ease of Access to Control Panel

In order to facilitate the operator’s work, the control panel is placed on the steering wheel. This is considered as a point of strength in this industrial sweeper and has made the machine popular among users.

Wheeled Waste Container

Atom E Plus is designed and manufactured with a wheeled waste container that can be easily transferred from place to place.

Super Elastic Anti-Puncture Solid Wheels 

The wheels are solid enough to be resistant against getting punctured and using super elastic materials in their production accounts for smooth movement over different surfaces. 

Flashing Warning Light 

In order to improve the security of the environment while the operator is working with Atom E Plus ride-on industrial sweeper, the light keeps flashing in order to warn those who are around.

technical specifications

general specifications

productivity (m2/h) 7315
Max speed (Km/h) 5.5-6.5
maximum gradient on ramp (%) 15-18
running time (min) 150
cleaning width (mm) 1330
minimum round width(cm) 260

tank specifications

hopper unloading manual
hopper capacity (L) 95

brush specifications

side brush diameter (mm) 390
Main brush length (mm) 700

suction unit specifications

types and number of vacuum centrifugal-1

filtration unit specifications

type and number of filter cartridge-6
filter cleaning system electric
filter area (cm2) 60000

motor and power supply specifications

motor type battery
power (KW) 0.98
(number of batteries×voltage) 12×2
battery capacity (Ah) 140

physical specifications

weight (kg) 225
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 1395×1010×1140

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