carpet extractor - elite silent

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brand : Santoemma category : carpet extractor code : Elite Silent

elite silent is a self-contained carpet cleaner from santoemma company. it washed, brushes and dried the carpet and even the hard floor with manual traction. with 500 mm of cleaning width, elite silent cleans up to 500 sq. meters in one hour and can be used in all placed with large or middle-sized surfaces of carpet such as companies, conference halls, fitness centers and place of worship. spraying of water and brushing are performed for cleaning the carpet or surfaces. the operator can regulate the water flow according to degree of dirt and to the desired time for the drying. moreover, the spraying of water can be continuous or otherwise activated by a spray lever. elite silent carpet cleaner has an adjustable brush to clean base on the kind of carpet or floor. the motor of the brush is powerful and allows a very deep cleaning. the machine also moves forward without any effort, because of the propelling action of the rotating brush. for cleaning the hard floor, this machine uses an optional harder brush. to change the brush, operator doesn’t need to turn the machine over. dirty water can be vacuumed by the 3 stages high waterlift vacuum motor efficiently. it recovers the maximum quantity of dirt from carpet and dries it in a very short time. elite silent machine is equipped with two separated recovery and solution tanks. with 50 liter of capacity, the high density polyethylene tanks allow a long working autonomy and reduce the necessary time for filing and draining.  also, the tanks are detachable and so the machine can be carried even in a small car. the carpet cleaner works with 60 decibels, so it is very silent and can be worked all hours and in places sensitive to noise.

technical specifications

general specifications

productivity (m2/h) 500
power cable length (m) 15
Cleaning width (carpet/hard floor)(mm) 500-720

tank specifications

recovery tank capacity (L) 50
solution tank capacity (L) 50
tank material high density polyethylene

brush specifications

number of brushes 1
brush speed (rpm) 600
brush width (mm) 464
power of brush motor (W) 90

suction unit specifications

type of vacuum motor centrifugal - 3 stages
Power of vacuum motor (W) 1500
waterlift max (mh2o) 3400
air flow max (m3/h) 160

motor and power supply specifications

voltage - frequency (V - Hz) 230-60

physical specifications

weight (kg) 55
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 500×860×950

by-pass pump specifications

types of pump membrane
power of pump (W) 80
Maximum pressure(bar) 9
Maximum water-flow ( l/min) 4.5
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