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brand : Santoemma category : portable carpet extractor code : Nikita

nikita is a battery powered portable carpet extractor from santoemma company. the special battery charger supplied with the machine allows very fast recharging. in a single pass, a 700 mm strip of the carpet is washed, brushed and vacuumed by this machine. it is suitable for very large surfaces of carpet and so can be used at hotels, conference halls, airports, place of worship, etc. nikita is able to clean up to 1000 m2 of a carpet in one hour. at the beginning of the cleaning operation, the water and chemical solution are sprayed on the carpet or floor. quantity of sprayed water can be regulated according to the degree of dirt and to the desired time. then, the brushing is performed with two counter-rotating brushes efficiently. for removing deep dirt, it is possible to adjust the pressure of the brushes is according to the carpet type and to the degree of dirt. brush bearing is made from stainless steel to prevent damage and increase longevity. the powerful and reliable motor of the brushes allow deep cleaning. for cleaning the hard floor, the operator can use the optional squeegee easily and without any tool. nikita machine also operates even on slop and thick carpet thanks to the differential drive motor with adjustable speed. by connecting the machine with optional tools, it cleans hard-to-reach corners. the carpet cleaner dries the surface of carpet almost completely with 2 three stages high-waterlift vacuum motors. they allow a very good suction and dry the surfaces at very short time. nikita has two tanks with 70liter each, to reduce the time necessary for tank filling and draining. the tanks are very strong and made for lasting a long time because of their high density polyethylene structures. all the controls are placed in a comfortable position for the operator and it is easy to repair it due to the modular design.

technical specifications

general specifications

productivity (m2/h) 1000
Cleaning width (carpet/hard floor)(mm) 900-700

tank specifications

recovery tank capacity (L) 70
solution tank capacity (L) 70
tank material high density polyetylene

brush specifications

number of brushes 2
brush speed (rpm) 840
brush width (mm) 604

suction unit specifications

type of vacuum motor two centrifugal - 3 stages
Power of vacuum motor (W) 850
waterlift max (mh2o) 3000
air flow max (m3/h) 180

motor and power supply specifications

(number of batteries×voltage) 6x۱۲ V
battery capacity (Ah) 75
power of traction motor (W) 350

physical specifications

weight (kg) 120
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 700×1200×1350

by-pass pump specifications

types of pump membrane
power of pump (W) 80
Maximum pressure(bar) 9
Maximum water-flow ( l/min) 4.5


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