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Specialized vacuum cleaners are a class of industrial vacuum cleaners that are designed and manufactured for a specific industry or a specific application and are used professionally. They are very similar to industrial vacuum cleaners and, like industrial vacuum cleaners, are equipped with motors and vacuum pumps. The vacuum created by the pump causes the material to be sucked into the tank of the device. The structure of specialized vacuum cleaners and their components such as motors, pumps and filters have undergone changes in order to adapt to industrial activities, meet the needs of industries and the nature of the suction materials. Specialized vacuum cleaners are widely used categories of industrial vacuum cleaners that are distinguished depending on their application with special features such as pump and motor location, type of filtration system, type of tank, body material, etc. The special characteristics of each industrial vacuum cleaner ensure the optimal efficiency of the machine when sucking certain types of materials and contaminants.

Efficiency of specialized vacuum cleaners

Specialized vacuum cleaners are based on changes in their structure in industries such as cement, petrochemical, textile, food and pharmaceutical industries and are used to suck certain materials such as textile fibers, flammable and toxic powders, concentrated liquids and oils. In addition to sucking contaminants, specialized vacuum cleaners are also used for moving and transporting materials in various industries. These machines have a significant impact on reducing costs and increasing productivity by collecting raw materials wasted on production lines and returning them to the production cycle. In addition, the use of specialized vacuum cleaners in the collection and transfer of materials is much safer and faster than traditional and manual methods.

Specialized vacuum cleaner for textile industries

In the textile industry, spinning and weaving mills, carpet weaving workshops and other similar industries, the contaminants are in the form of light fibers and filaments, the proliferation of which in the environment creates many problems. It is designed and manufactured to collect light fibers of specialized vacuum cleaners, which are known as specialized vacuum cleaners in the textile industry. The structure of specialized textile vacuum cleaners is different from conventional industrial vacuum cleaners, in that in textile vacuum cleaners, the suction port is located in the upper part of the machine and the motor and pump are installed in the lower part of the machine. Such a structure allows the suction of light and filamentous materials, fibers, feathers, etc. without clogging the filter or damaging the pump. At the top of the specialized textile vacuum cleaner is a filter bag in which materials are collected. A bag filter is a type of filter that is in the shape of a large bag and has pores to allow air to flow.

Specialized vacuum cleaner for pharmaceutical industries

Other specialized vacuum cleaners include specialized pharmaceutical vacuum cleaners. These vacuum cleaners have a very powerful and efficient filtration system that is very suitable for collecting the following materials and powder. The process of producing pharmaceuticals in pharmaceutical factories is associated with contamination or fine and powdery waste. The presence of such materials necessitates the use of vacuum cleaners with very strong filtration. These vacuum cleaners are equipped with a star filter and in standard mode there is a safety filter or a secondary filter on them. They filter a star filter as small as 1 micron and a safety filter as small as 0.3 microns. Also, the pharmaceutical specialized vacuum cleaner tank is made of stainless steel, which guarantees a high level of health and safety.

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