Heavy Vehicle Wash Systems Heavy Vehicle Wash Systems

Heavy Vehicle Wash Systems

Heavy Vehicle Wash Systems - Heavy Vehicle Wash Systems

Trucks and all kinds of heavy vehicles are exposed to various pollutions due to traffic in the city, intercity roads or industrial centers. These pollutants vary from dust, mass and stains to industrial pollutants and cause damage to the body and paint of cars. Due to the large size and high height of heavy vehicles, washing operations are thought to require time, energy and a large amount of water and detergent. But today, washing these cars is no longer a difficult and complicated operation and can be provided with the best quality in just a few minutes. This way, the owners of these vehicles will no longer have to worry about being in contaminated areas and the possibility of damage to their vehicle. The automaticHeavy Vehicle Wash Systemsmachine is a fully mechanized, intelligent and advanced device that washes vehicles without manual intervention and using control systems. Large-scale models of this machine are designed and manufactured for washing heavy vehicles such as buses, trailers and trucks. automatic car washing machine washes the body and all the sides and upper parts of heavy vehicles with high quality in a few minutes. The brushes of this device remove impurities well and move back or forward using the intelligent control system according to the dimensions of the device.

How the automaticHeavy Vehicle Wash Systemsmachine works

Among the main types of heavy duty car wash, we can mention two models of tunnel and gate car wash. In both models, the washing, brushing and rinsing operations are performed according to an intelligent control system, respectively. heavy vehicle washing machine benefits from the intelligent safety system of brush pressure to the body and does not damage the surface of the car body. The washing process in an automaticHeavy Vehicle Wash Systemsmachine starts from spraying high pressure water to separate large and sticky contaminants as well as preparing the device for brushing and spraying foam. Then the built-in brushes in the horizontal and vertical direction wash the car in the specified order. In the last stage, high-pressure water is sprayed again from special nozzles on the vehicle for final rinsing. All these steps are performed in order and according to an intelligent system. Another important feature of a heavy truck automaticHeavy Vehicle Wash Systemsis that it is equipped with a vehicle dryer system, an operation that is virtually impossible to perform in traditional ways. In this way, the washing quality is increased and no stains remain on the body of the device.

- Tunnel car wash

As the name of theHeavy Vehicle Wash Systemsindicates, the device is designed like a tunnel in which the vehicle is washed by moving along it. As a result, the user is needed to move the car. To install an automatic tunnel car wash, more space is needed and unlike the gate model, it has fixed equipment and vehicle moves.

- Gate car wash

In thisHeavy Vehicle Wash Systemsmodel, the heavy vehicle is washed by placing it on a specific and fixed place and moving theHeavy Vehicle Wash Systemsequipment, so there is no need for the user inside the car. The equipment in thisHeavy Vehicle Wash Systemsis installed on parallel rails and washes all the parts of the car by moving on special modules.

Advantages of automatic car washing machine

Heavy vehicle washing machines have several advantages over manual methods. The high quality of washing has led theHeavy Vehicle Wash Systemsmachine to remove all the surface contaminants without damaging the car. In addition, brushes with soft texture made of polyethylene, with high flexibility, are easily able to eliminate the remaining dirt in blind spots and with difficult access. Heavy machine car washes are very suitable and practical due to the high speed of washing in cleaning the surface of a large number of heavy machines per day, especially for urban fleets. In a fully automaticHeavy Vehicle Wash Systemsmachine, no operator is directly in touch with the contamination and the washing process is ultimately safe.

- Equipped with water recycling and purification system

In order to prevent excessive water consumption during washing, heavy vehicle washing machine is equipped with advanced water recycling systems. In this way, the contaminated water is collected in a fully mechanized manner and returned to the washing cycle after treatment. Also, the amount of water and detergent consumption in these devices can be adjusted, and in this way, water consumption can be significantly reduced.

- Washing blind spot parts of the car

Due to being equipped with polyethylene brushes that are designed in large diameters, all parts of a truck, ‌ trailer, bus, etc. can be washed. Also, due to the spraying of high pressure water by special nozzles in different directions, even if the contamination remains in the brushing stage, the high pressure water removes all of them.

- Fast and high- quality washing

Due to the special and specialized design of all parts of an automatic car wash, no damage was done to the paint and body of the car, all dirt and mud from the tire, wheels and the lower part of the car were washed and dried by drying systems in the final stage. No stains or traces of water remain on the device. As a result, the washing quality increases several times using traditional methods. A heavy vehicle washing machine can wash smaller cars, so its use is multi-purpose.

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