indoor facade cleaner indoor facade cleaner

indoor facade cleaner

indoor facade cleaner

The indoor cleaning system is a professional device for fast and perfect indoor façade cleaning, which is an ideal solution for façade cleaning in shortest time. This equipment washes indoor façade without using ladders or stuff like that. The multipurpose washing system has lightweight and ergonomic lances which washes the out of reach surfaces easily. The indoor cleaning system is used for cleaning of glass doors, windows, mirrors, staircases, elevators, partitions, store showcases, etc. The indoor cleaning system has been equipped with several accessories which make it more efficient. These are:

Interchangeable pads 

The indoor system is contained replacement pads and when they are wet, contaminations will be removed. These high leaning power pads are made of microfiber fibers with high quality and they are durable.

Pad holder

Pad holder is a quickly exchangeable, stable and durable component that the pads are installed and fixed on it.

Water tank

The indoor cleaning system has a plastic bottle with a connection that is carried easily and it is possible to add detergent when you want to clean façade powerfully.

Angle joint

This is a useful and robust handle with ability of adjusting angle individually and staircase or hard to reach surfaces can be cleaned successfully. This has a light weight because is made of aluminium. 

Telescope lance

The telescope lances have the ability of changing its length and it is used for cleaning of various heights. Telescope lances are proven professional quality and enables fast and safe work without twisting.

Pumping system

The indoor system pump is pumping water and provides clean water for making pads wet and it is set on the control unit.

Belt and packets

The device is provided with a belt and pockets which charger pocket, water tank pocket, electrical equipment pocket and pad pocket are installed on the belt. These pockets can carry all of the necessary equipment easily and effortlessly.

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