heavy-duty floor sweeper

heavy-duty floor sweeper - heavy-duty floor sweeper

Hard working sweepers are the most durable and efficient category among different types of industrial sweaters. This category of sweepers is specially designed for cleaning floor surfaces in a place with a high volume of dust and pollution. In the design and production of this category of street sweepers or street sweepers, special parameters have been used that ensure the best cleaning results in large industrial and commercial environments with high pollution volumes. Hard-working sweepers are offered in battery and diesel models and bring financial savings by increasing efficiency, improving utility and improving the quality of the workspace.

Features of hard-working sweepers

Unique features that make the use of hard-working sweepers in environments with special cleaning requirements preferred and achieve the best cleaning results are:

high efficiency

This category of car sweepers or city sweepers, due to their wide cleaning width and large garbage tank, allow you to clean a significant area in a short period of time, thus helping to reduce costs.

Unparalleled resistance

The exceptional resistance of hard-working sweepers prevents its premature wear under hard-working conditions. This category of sweepers, while having a high cleaning power due to having a central brush and efficient side brushes and a powerful suction system, have the lowest service and maintenance costs, which is due to the high quality of parts used in the production of the device and its completely durable structure. Turns.

Significant filtration efficiency

In the production of this category of industrial sweaters, multi-stage filtration system and creative filter cleaning systems have been used, causing the separation of microscopic particles from the air flow returned to the environment, and thus not only repeated work and the need to repeat cleaning operations for Improving the quality of cleaning is eliminated, but due to the complete filter of dust particles in the environment, the quality of products is increased and the safety and health of employees and people present in the environment is guaranteed.

Creative safety systems

In the production of this category of manned sweaters, innovative safety systems such as waste tank equipped with heat sensor, automatic engine shut-off system with driver's seat, standard headlights and taillights, etc. are used, which provide the necessary level of safety for the environment. Provides industrial facilities and high-traffic spaces.

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