industrial carpet cleaning machine industrial carpet cleaning machine

industrial carpet cleaning machine

industrial carpet cleaning machine - industrial carpet cleaning machine

Effective and quality washing of soft floor surfaces such as carpets and rugs in high-traffic environments and has a large area depends on the use of special categories of industrial carpet and rug washing machines, which are known as hard-working carpets and rugs. This category of mechanized cleaning equipment has a wider working width and larger clean and dirty water tanks compared to conventional industrial models, resulting in higher efficiency. The industrial structure and high strength of this category of carpet and rug washing machines make it possible to use them on a daily basis, and their high efficiency ensures fast washing of carpets and rugs and their rapid drying for reuse.

Features of hard-working carpet and rug washing machines

Hard-working carpet and rug cleaners are more suitable for washing soft surfaces in high-traffic and large environments due to their following distinguishing features.

Variety of models

The variety of models in the hard category of carpet and carpet washing machines is more compared to the usual industrial category. Unlike conventional industrial carpet cleaners, which are often produced in manual and cable models, the hard-working models also come with batteries and manned (automotive) models. These two features, by creating a wider operating radius for the carpet washing machine, allow it to be used painlessly in large and busy environments.

Having two different operating modes

In conventional industrial carpet and rug washing machines, the washing quality can be increased by adjusting the amount of detergent spray according to the type and amount of contamination. Most hard-working models, in addition to having this feature, have the ability to change the operating model, and these devices can be used in both fast daily washing mode (using a roller) and deep washing (using a roller brush). No special tools are needed to change the brush to the roller and vice versa.

High suction power

Hard-working carpet and carpet cleaner models have powerful 2 or 3-stage suction motors with suction nozzles at the front and rear of the brush or roller, which allows more efficient collection of water and dirt. In this way, the carpet or carpet is dried and can be used again in a very short time after the washing operation.

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