Cold Water High Pressure Washer

Cold Water High Pressure Washer  - Cold Water High Pressure Washer

Cold water high pressure washer machine is one of the series of industrial car wash machines that sprays all kinds of contaminants adhering to the surfaces by spraying high pressure cold water on the surfaces and has a special ability in cleaning and washing all kinds of surfaces and equipment. Water inlet, motor, pump, high pressure hose, lance and spray nozzle are the main components of industrial cold water pressure washer machine. Cold water car wash pump is the main part of the industrial car wash machine and is responsible for increasing the pressure of water entering the industrial pressure washer machine. Finally, high pressure water is sprayed on the target surfaces through high pressure hoses, lenses and nozzles of the device.

Features of cold water pressure washer

High pressure cold water pressure washers are produced in various models and dimensions, each of which has a special performance. Therefore, when preparing a cold water industrial car

wash machine, paying attention to the type of pollutants, surface material and pressure of the machine can be a good guide in choosing a suitable industrial car wash machine with cleaning needs and ultimately increase productivity and work efficiency. The motor used in most models of industrial cold water pressure washer device is electric and has a low noise level. The use of electricity and the lack of greenhouse gas emissions have made these devices environmentally friendly. Two important and key factors in cold water waterjet devices are water pressure and velocity or discharge of outlet water.

The higher the outlet water pressure, the greater the ability of the industrial car wash machine to clean the deeper layers of pollution, and the higher the water velocity or flow rate, the faster the cleaning operation is and the cleaning operation is performed in a shorter time. Most high pressure cold water washers are equipped with a pressure regulating valve and provide the user with a place to choose the right pressure according to the type of contaminants and the type of surface. High pressure washers can use detergents to increase the cleaning capacity of industrial car washes or to disinfect surfaces.

Types of cold water pressure washer

Industrial pressure washer machines are generally considered to be the best and most efficient mechanized industrial cleaning equipment that have been able to eliminate many cleaning problems and challenges in various industries and guilds. Cold water pressure washer are produced in domestic, industrial and hard-working categories, each of which offers its own performance according to the type of design and construction. If the contamination is not greasy and oily, cold water car wash will be the best option for washing surfaces.

Home car wash

The home car wash machine has a single-phase electric motor with a working pressure of 100 to 150 bar and they are used only for light home washing and it is not possible to use them heavily. These devices are used for washing cars, yards, windows, benches, etc. in residential homes.

Industrial pressure washer

High-pressure cold water cleaners with a working pressure of 150 bar and above are in the group of industrial water jets, which are equipped with a powerful permanent working motor and, unlike home car washes, are used for heavy washing operations. This device, which is the most widely used category of high pressure washers, can be operated and left on for long hours during the day and all kinds of contaminated surfaces in commercial and industrial environments such as building facades, vehicles, industrial equipment and parts, factory facilities. And any smooth and uneven surface that is water resistant are washed with high pressure cold water waterjet. Many industries and factories, workshops, warehouses, commercial and office buildings, hospitals, educational centers, religious and pilgrimage sites, sports complexes, etc. always use industrial car washes.

Ultra high pressure washer

Another category of high pressure washers are high pressure waterjets that cover the exhaust water pressure more than 300 bar to 3000 bar. High pressure industrial waterjets are used to eliminate very hard and deep contaminants such as sediments, bitumen layers, burn marks, etc. due to their very high outlet pressure, and devices with a pressure of more than 1000 destructive power. They have concrete.

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