Hot Water High Pressure Washer

Hot Water High Pressure Washer - Hot Water High Pressure Washer

Hot water high pressure washer is one of the useful industrial cleaning devices. In addition to use high pressure of water, hot water high pressure cleaner uses a high temperature of water to remove and wash all debris which stick to the surfaces. Therefore, it has a high ability to remove dirt such as stain, oil, grease and grime. Hot water high pressure cleaner, in addition to the water inlet, water pump, motor, high pressure hose, lance and nozzle, has a heater or burner system. The water pump is the main part of the device and increases the pressure of the input water to the pressure cleaner. 

In order to increase the temperature, output high pressure water before spraying on the target surfaces, enters to the burner system of the pressure cleaner. Since the High temperature of the water can damage the water pump and reducing the lifespan of the device, burner system is always installed after the water pump. There is an inverse correlation between the velocity of water in the burner system and the temperature of the water. In other words, the more reduction in the velocity of water; the temperature increases more. Water passes from the burner system, cause the reduction in pressure of the output water. Adjustable burner system performance, operating pressure and quantity control are the especial features of the hot water high pressure washer.

Choosing the right device can have a major impact on the productivity and efficiency of the device. Since the supply power of the hot water pressure washer is an electrical source, this device is an Eco-friendly industrial machine. In competition with cold water high pressure cleaner, the hot water pressure washer has a bigger size and more weight, because it is equipped with the burner system, so it needs more space for storage.

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