concrete demolition

Concrete demolition is a need that during the operation of the most of projects will be created. the most common concrete demolition techniques, is using traditional objects like concrete demolition hammer. While using this tool in addition to increasing the risk of damage to fittings, can be due to repeated, sturdy and numerous tits that imports, causing damage to the structure. That's why today concrete demolition is go forward to using more advanced tools that decreases damage and effects on structures and their fittings. High pressure water jet machines for industrial use that acts well in the concrete demolition, prevent the damage and it's a good way for the demolition and rehabilitation of concrete. In order to demolish the concrete with a water jet, the super-high-pressure devices E1000, E1500 and 2500 can be used in fixed models, portables and trailers. Fixed model, is a device that does not have relocation abiltiy but portable models and the trailers can be moved. The difference between the portable and trailer is that portable devices can easily be moved but the trailer devices require special tools for their shift. The water jet can be used depending on customer requirements and environment, with the electric motor or diesel. Here are examination of some of the concrete demolition equipments.

Waterjet Equipment for the concrete demolition

Hyjet nozzle is the most important equipment in the destruction of concrete and it is an advanced type of needle nozzle and it centralized the water and the water sprays with more pressure than other nozzle's pressure. so this power makes the concrete simply be destroyed. floor helper uses as a water jet holder to improve safety for the user. When the peeling surface is flat on the ground, the Scater use to move on the ground floor and destroy. Multi Worker is an auxiliary jet that by increasing the radius of coverage, improves the speed of demolition concrete.

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