Air powered vacuum cleaner

Air powered vacuum cleaner is one type of the industrial vacuum cleaner for collecting the material and cleaning the floor. It doesn’t need to the electric motor and uses the venture pump for creating a vacuum. The air powered vacuum cleaner is equipped with an air compressor and provided in models with anti-explosive feature.

Operation of air powered vacuum cleaner

air powered vacuum cleaner uses the venture pumps without motor. At first, the compressed air enters the venture channel and goes out from the other side. So, it causes creating a vacuum inside a split which is designed in a part of the channel. Finally, the air vacuums from the hopper to the outside.

Explosion proof air powered vacuum cleaners

Some of air powered vacuum cleaners are explosion proof with ATEX certification. These machines are used for collecting explosive and flammable material and maintain employee health. The food industry, wood, paint, plastic and petrochemical industry are in need of Explosion proof air powered vacuum cleaners.

Advantages of using an air powered vacuum cleaners

Air powered vacuum cleaners are used in environments with inadequate access or impossible to electricity Because there is no need for electricity. These vacuum cleaners are safe and have no risk of electric shock. With a complete stainless steel construction, the machines are strong and durable. The pump power in creating a vacuum and high vacuum power is another advantage of using an air powered vacuum cleaner. It is also possible to change the vacuum power of the machine and reduce energy consumption by changing the incoming air from air compressor.