explosion proof vacuum cleaner

Industrial vacuum cleaners are used for removing dirt and conveying the materials. But in some industrial areas, there is a risk of explosion. Therefore, an explosion proof vacuum cleaner should be used. With an anti-explosion vacuum cleaner, don’t create a spark and the area will be safe. It could be a vacuum cleaner or an air powered vacuum cleaner.

Anti-explosion feature

Explosion proof air powered vacuum cleaners don’t have any electrical motor. The anti-explosion vacuum cleaners also are insulated and prevent sparks during their cleaning operation. The valid and reliable explosion-proof vacuum cleaners have ATEX certification. This certification has some instructions in order to prevent from an explosion due to the presence of fluids and solid. According to the certification, it is possible to use the machine in explosive atmosphere or for vacuuming the flammable and dangerous materials.

Application of explosion proof vacuum cleaner

Explosion proof vacuum cleaners prevent from any explosion, protect workers' health and collect any hazardous materials. The machines are used in many different applications. Removing potentially explosive dirt and cleaning the areas with the risk of fire and explosion are the main usage of the vacuum cleaner. Removing hazardous dust in an industrial environment is another application of the explosion proof vacuum cleaner. To collect static particles that cause static electricity and are a result of the explosion, the vacuum cleaners are also used. Collection and transport of flammable liquids are performed as well as by the vacuum cleaner completely safe. In general, food industry, animal feed, wood, paint, plastics and petrochemical industry and paint manufacturer among the industries that are in need of anti-explosion vacuum cleaner.

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