industrial continuous duty vacuum cleaner

Industrial continuous duty vacuum cleaner is a special type of industrial vacuum, which through the use of special equipment such as a turbine engine and powerful pump side channel has a high ability to collect particles and pollutants. The use of the turbine engine in this model of vacuum cleaner, incenses its ability for working in the difficult conditions, in other words, this vacuum cleaner is a constantly working device, and has the ability to work 24-hour for several days and weeks. This device has a high performance in the industries such as oil and petrochemicals, lumber, steel, cement and chemical industries.

The feature of the industrial continuous duty vacuum cleaner’s motor

Industrial continuous duty vacuum cleaners, due to their activity, are equipped with the turbine engines. The use of the turbine engine in these devices, reduce the sound level of the device and in addition, reduces the maintenance costs of the vacuum cleaner. Turbine engines use electromagnetic induction for power transmission. As a result, compared to collector motors, these engines have a higher working speed and power. Depreciation of these engines is very low and therefore do not require special care.

The features of the industrial continuous duty vacuum cleaner’s pumps

Compared to other types of vacuum pumps, the side channel blowers are able to create more power vacuum. In this model of pumps, rotating vanes of pump, transfers the air from the air duct to the outside. Increasing the accuracy in making construction of the side channel blower, increases the ability of the device’s pump for creating the vacuum.

The other feature of the industrial continuous duty vacuum cleaner

Since these vacuum cleaners are designed to do the heavy duty cleaning, their body should have the sufficient strength to withstand the heavy work, so it is made of steel. The powerful filtration system that prevents the release and return pollution to the environment, is the other features of these devises. The filter cleaning systems used in the structure of these vacuum cleaner which improve and optimize the performance of the filtration system, plays an important role in the performance of these devices. Detachable tank allows easy discharge.

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