escalator cleaner machine

Escalator cleaner is an industrial cleaning machine which is specially designed for cleaning escalators and moving pavements. This machine is similar to floor scrubber in that it is composed of brushes, detergent tank and vacuum unit. Escalator cleaner's brushes are cylindrical so they can remove dirt from steps' grooves. An industrial vacuum cleaner comes with the machine to suck up the remaining water and dirt. Using a powerful vacuum cleaner is important to prevent moisture entering the escalator system.

The advantages of using escalator cleaner

Using the escalator cleaning instead of traditional methods of cleaning escalator has many benefits including:

Escalator cleaner machine is a user-friendly device which can be used by unskillful and inexperienced users. Working with this machine is so easy and it is the main advantages of this method compare to opening the whole escalator and washing by a high-pressure washer.

High quality
While you are using an escalator cleaner, the powerful brushes of machine remove germ and dirt away from steps' groove. But by using a mop you cannot clean grooves efficient enough and for achieving better results you should spend considerable energy and time.

High speed
Using the escalator cleaner machine is the fastest way for cleaning escalators or moving pavements so the escalator's downtime will decrease. Regarding the escalator is the most useful equipment for transferring people between floors, it is important to select a quick method for cleaning it to decrease its downtime.

The possibility to control the flow rate of solution
In contrast to traditional methods, when you use an escalator cleaner machine you can control the amount of solution sprayed so there is no danger of entering extra moisture into the escalator system.

Cleaning steps and risers
By using this practical machine, you can clean riser as well as steps.

Cost effective method
The traditional method of cleaning escalator including opening it and washing by pressure washer is an expensive and difficult method. While using an escalator cleaner is inexpensive and cost effective. By using this machine, you can decrease the number of staff and consequently decrease labour expenses. Using this machine protects your expensive equipment (escalator) and increases its life.

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