steam washer

Washing and removing pollutant is necessary and essential. Undoubtedly using modern and mechanized equipment for cleaning increases the quality of washing and as the result they are very popular. One of the most used mechanized equipment for washing and removing contaminants from surfaces is a steam washer. The use of hot water and steam completely and effectively eliminates all types of contaminants, especially greasy and oily contaminants. In addition, the use of hot water not only eliminates contaminants, also disinfects surfaces and eliminates all pathogens present in the environment, such as all types of germs, fungi and bacteria. As a result, steam washer is an efficient tool for washing in environments that have high health standards with the great importance of health issues such as medical centers, food industry, kindergartens and seniors' homes. The high power of these devices in the effective and high quality removal of pollutants has made them a good alternative to traditional practices. On the other hand, the no need for the use of detergents for washing and disinfecting surfaces with these devices reduce costs and also has made them more environmentally friendly. To cater for the needs of different environments, Steam car wash devices are designed and manufactured in different models. Hot water high pressure washer and steam washer are the most prominent category of steam carwash devices.

Hot water high pressure washer

Hot water high pressure washer is a mechanized device for washing and cleaning various types of horizontal and vertical surfaces. These devices use the spray of high-pressure hot water to remove contaminants. These devices are equipped with a high pressure pump to increase the pressure of the water. The water enters the pump after exhausting pressure from the pump and into the heater to increase the temperature. Finally, high pressure water is sprayed onto the target surfaces after increasing the temperature through the high pressure of the hose and lance and the nozzle.

Steam cleaner

Another type of steam washer is steam cleaner. Steam cleaners use a high-pressure steam spray to remove contaminants which is sticking to surfaces and collect contaminated washing fluids through the suction nozzle.

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