Iranian industrial detergent

Industrial detergents have a wide variety because the contaminants in the field are very diverse and therefore require a higher strength material to break the bonds between the contaminant particles. Therefore, in this category the choice is wider and according to the type and amount of contamination an effective Iranian industrial detergent can be chosen.

Different kinds of industrial pollution

The most common type of contamination in industrial cases is oil and grease stains, which are also very difficult to remove and require unique detergents to be identified and applied. Other types of contamination include sticky stains, sediment and solutes.

Surface type and selection of suitable Iranian industrial detergent

In addition to the type of contamination, consideration of the type of the surface is also important in selecting the appropriate detergent. Different floors have different detergent resistance, for example epoxy or stone, ceramic, wood, metal and polymer flooring needs a detergent based on their properties.

How to apply different industrial detergent

Each detergent must be diluted to a certain extent and to a certain degree, to retain its properties without damaging the surface. On the other hand, some of these materials can be used in industrial cleaning machines such as floor scrubbers. Therefore, a thorough study of how each detergent is applied before applying it to the surface is very important.

Safety tips in using detergent

Since detergents are generally chemical, they may adversely affect the user or the surface some safety tips are ignored, so it is always advisable to use gloves when using these solution, if the toxin is used avoid exposure to vapors for long periods. In addition, before applying the solution to the surface, first apply a small amount of it to a small area of ​​the surface and apply it to the entire surface if it is compatible with the surface.

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