Iranian facade cleaner

The façade and window cleaning machine is a mechanized system for washing facades of high buildings and is a professional and innovative tool among the industrial cleaning equipment. Cleaning a façade is a complex and difficult operation which can even lead to the danger of falling from a height for the person doing it. The façade cleaner machine has been designed and manufactured to facilitate and secure the batching process which eliminates the risk of operator collapse and avoids high costs. The performance of the Iranian façade cleaner depends on lances are selected for the system; the facade can be washed without the need for a lift or ladder from the ground. Washing the building's façade with old practice is dangerous, time-consuming, and expensive which Iranian façade cleaner eliminates these kinds of problems.

Features of Iranian façade cleaner machine

The façade of a building is always exposed to various pollutants such as grim, bird droppings, insects, and soil and so on. In order to remove such contaminants from the building's facade with greater ease and speed, the Iranian façade cleaner has been designed and manufactured as a specialized and efficient tool. It has been equipped with a unique filtration system that captures water and impurities as a special feature and provides clear pure water. The use of pure, unsalted water will leave no traces of water on the glass, leaving no stains on the glass after drying.

 Various lances of the facade cleaner

One of the features of the Iranian façade cleaner can be its long lances, in fact the lances of the device which eliminates the need for a lift. The lances allow for different heights to be washed from the ground surface, and can be easily washed by using a joint brush with variable angles. There is a pump mounted on the Iranian façade cleaner that pumps water and sprays it to the surface of the brush. Display Brush is a high quality brush that removes hard contaminants from the surface without damaging the glass and facade.

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