Rollover car wash is one of the most commonly used machines in washing the cars. The automatic machine washes the cars and heavy vehicles touchless and without manual intervention. It uses a PLC controller system to control all of the washing processes and change them according to require of the vehicle owner. Rinsing, shampoo spraying, brushing the car body and rings, wax spraying and drying are the washing processes that can be performed in different models of the car wash. To begin the washing operation, the cars place on the Specified located and the framework of the machine move on the rail. Spraying nozzle, brushes and dryer system are installed on the machine.

Advantages of using a rollover car wash

There are many advantages of using a rollover car wash:

High speed washing
All of washing process from pre-washing to drying can be performed in a short time by rollover car wash. The machines can wash 8 to 15 cars per an hour. Therefor the rollover car wash can greatly save time.

High speed drying
After the washing operation, the car wash sprays wax to speed up the drying of the car body. It can also polish the car and decreases absorbing the dirt.

Car washing with high quality
The machines use the flexible brushes with high quality to remove greatly any dirt from the car body. The smart system of shampoo and water spraying also cover the all surfaces of the car and don’t leave any dirt on the car.

Don’t damage the car
The brushes of the machines are anti-scratch and don’t bring damage the car during the brush operation. The PLC controller also establishes a safe condition. It is equipped with sensors to detect the movement of vertical brushes, smart system to detect the car body, photocell sensors to control the dryer to car distance and smart system to control the brush pressure on the car.

High Profitability
The rollover car washes are affordable, therefor the investors show interest in buying the machines. High quality washing, Occupying a small space and return on investment are positive points of launching a rollover car wash.

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