what is floor scrubber

Floor scrubber dryer is an industrial cleaning machine which is able to wash and dry floors at the same time. In response to the " What is floor scrubber dryer " question, should say that a floor scrubber dryer is a mechanical cleaner has been equipped with a brushing system, separated solution and recovery tank and a suction system. In recent years, population increase, advancement of science and technology and the expansion of industrial plant cause to move communities and industries towards mechanization. Increasing the quality of cleaning process, improving the health of the environment speeding up are some of the best advantages of using industrial cleaning machines.

How does work floor scrubber dryer ?

The performance of the floor scrubber is based on three main parts: brushing system, suction system and separate water tanks. The clean water is sprayed onto the floor and the brushes and at the same time the brushes are rotating on the ground. The rapid rotation of the brush removes all contamination, and these contaminations, along with the remaining water, are collected on the surfaces by the rubber squeegee and suction system, and then transferred to the recovery tank of the machine. The suction motor makes vacuum in the recovery tank and, due to the air pressure difference between the tank and the outside, water and contaminants will be collected by the squeegee.

Advantages of floor scrubber dryer

Floor scrubber dryer increase the speed of the washing process by 5 to 30 times compared to conventional manual methods, and the cost of labor costs are reduced due to increased speed. Regarding the regular and uniform performance of the brushing system, the quality of surface washing is significantly increased. Another advantage of using a floor scrubber dryer is increasing the ratio of efficiency to the amount of water used in comparison with traditional methods, which is achieved thanks to the mechanized system. The suction system reduces the time of drying the surface, resulting in a reduction in the absorption coefficient of re-contamination, and in addition, the likelihood of events such as slipping and slipping will be eliminated. The floor scrubber dryer is known as an eco-friendly tool because it reduces the use of detergents and chemicals in addition to reducing water consumption.