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Industrial detergents are very diverse, every one has its own characteristics and functionality. These detergents are used in different ways, depending on the nature of the substance and surface structure to be cleaned. A detergent is responsible for cleaning the dirt without damaging the base surface. Accordingly, after choosing a suitable material that is consistent with the type of the surface and the type of contamination, careful consideration should be given to how that substance is used, since the use of detergent alone can be an important principle.

Methods for using industrial detergents are manually, mechanized or using T and spray. In the manual method, the detergent can be sprayed onto the surface and then, using a cleaner or pad, to wash the desired surface. This method is most often used to clean up rugged surfaces. You can use tools and machines such as mop, scrubber dryer and single disk machine to clean the surface of the earth, depending on the type of material, which tool is more suitable and better. Industrial pressure washers are other ways that a particular detergent can be used to clean the surface of the contaminated piece. When using a detergent with industrial water, you should consider the structure of the device and the recommendations of the manufacturer of detergents and pressure washer in relation to the type of detergent to be used with the device in order to prevent damage to its pump.

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