about us

Ebrahim Company, the largest provider of industrial cleaning devices in the country, started its activities in the early 1970s and was officially registered. This company was established as an important supplier of industrial cleaning equipment in Iran, with the presence of the best experts and with the aim of expanding the country's industry and trade, and with more than 25 years of valuable experience, succeeded in receiving exclusive representation from the best and most reputable European companies such as Germany. And became Italy and thus became a familiar name in the industry.


Ebrahim Company with the evaluations of the Consumers and Producers Protection Organization in 1394 and 1395 successively succeeded in receiving the national certificate of consumer protection. This company is always trying to provide quality and reliable products, in the direction of after-sales service and better service to our valued customers, and has been able to satisfy these loved ones.

After Sales Service

All factories producing industrial cleaning devices with which Ebrahim Company has a partnership and cooperation, have a very long and brilliant history in the world and the quality of these products is always praised; ‌ But Ebrahim Company It is not enough and in order to respect the rights of customers, has established a wide range to provide extensive after-sales service and supply of parts. This total includes the equipped repair shop as well as the storage of accessories and spare parts, which is managed by the experts and the technical management of the complex. In this section, all the devices are professionally inspected, repaired and overhauled, and the consumable parts are used. The need is met.

Products offered

Industrial cleaning devices include mechanized and advanced machines that are designed for specialized and general cleaning and are increasingly used in various industrial and non-industrial environments. These equipment have become inseparable elements of industry and trade, and Ebrahim Company tries to provide the best and most high-quality cleaning equipment for the growth and development of businesses and guilds. Devices such as scrubber, industrial vacuum cleaner, industrial waterjet, sweeper, industrial detergent, specialized equipment for washing sofas and carpets, specialized washing machines and also amenities such as air freshener and trolley are among the most important and widely used products offered by Ebrahim Company.


Various guilds are applying for the use of mechanized cleaning devices, and due to the variety in the design and construction of these equipments, it is possible to use them in different conditions and with the limitations ahead. All factories, power plants, refineries, oil and petrochemical industries, food industries, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, industrial and semi-industrial workshops, warehouse warehouses, commercial and office complexes, chain stores, companies and organizations ‌ Hospitals and medical centers, schools and universities, religious and pilgrimage places, etc. are among the guilds and centers in which industrial cleaning equipment has the most application and effective use.


Ebrahim Company tries to provide more and better services to the big and valuable industries of the country and always takes a step in this direction, and in the meantime, the record of increasing success is a proof of this. In recent years, with the aim of supporting Iranian goods and national production, Ebrahim Company has constructed a factory and produced quality industrial cleaning devices and has achieved valuable success in a short period of time. Various mechanized cleaning equipment has been produced in Ebrahim factory, which complies with modern European standards and is equal to foreign products in terms of quality and efficiency. With the aim of supporting Iranian goods, Ebrahim Company has focused on producing more diverse and high-quality Iranian products.