dust collector

Industrial dust collector is a vacuum cleaner for collecting dust from various manufacturing process used in industrial areas. The dust is very fine and may be diffused in the air caused a disruption in the production process and even damage to the respiratory system staff. Dust collector can be connected to the input of working chamber and collect the dust generated prior to the release into the environment.

dust collector feature

High speed vacuum is the main features of industrial dust collector. It causes vacuuming a large volume of air and therefore fast collecting of dust. By adding a split, it is possible to vacuum dust from two points simultaneously. The powerful vacuum pump and continuous working turbine motor without need of repair are other features of the dust collector. Also, the powerful filtration system of the machine collects all dust efficiently. The system consists of HEPA filter that allow to pass a large volume of air with high filtration level.

Dust collector application

Industrial dust collectors are used in collecting dust produced in process such as metal turning and welding. Full recovery of fine particles made of aluminum from cutting machines and CNC machines minimize the cleaning time. Dust collector also avoids sitting the particle on the machines and so reduce damages and increase longevity. Collecting the toxic particles produced in the pharmaceutical industry is another use of industrial dust collector.