tunnel car wash

Washing the car is an important issue to preserve the value and beauty of the cars. The tunnel car wash is one of the car washing machine that uses for removing dirt from the body and wheels. It washes the cars without hand and prepares many advantages proportion to hand washing. In automatic tunnel car wash, the equipment is placed on separated parts and the car moves among them by a conveyor. When a car arrives to a part, each of washing operation such as rinsing, shampoo and wax spraying and drying are performed separately. All washing and drying operations are controlled by using a PLC controller.

Advantages of using a tunnel car wash

Using a tunnel car wash has many advantages :

High speed washing
Automatic tunnel car wash can wash 30 to 50 cars per an hour in average. It is due to separating of the washing processes. Actually, when a car passes some parts, the other car comes to the tunnel.

High profitability
The automatic car washes can wash several cars per an hour due to washing style and high speed. So it is ideal for investors to spend money for buying a tunnel car wash in places with many cars.

Safe conditions
All operations in the car wash are controlled smart and don’t damage the cars. For example, to enter a car in the tunnel, the sensors act and let go into the cars. Therefor don’t occur an accident between cars in the tunnel.

Underchassis wash system
The tunnel car wash is equipped with Underchassis wash system. It removes any dirt from the bottom of the cars.

Wheel washing system
An automatic tunnel car wash is equipped with a wheel washing system to clean the wheels. It uses the brush with position detection sensors to remove any dirt efficiently without any damages.

Brushing system
To clean the car body, the machines use vertical and horizontal brushes. With good material and high quality, the brushes can remove any dirt efficiently.

Wax spraying
After washing, brushing and rinsing operation, the wax is sprayed into the car body to facilitate drying and to prevent remaining the water spots on the car.

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