Our answers to your questions

How to set up the devices?

Our experts will come to the customer's facilities and launch the machines.

How long do the after sales services take?

We provide fifteen years after sale services.

What is the warranty?

It is a promise which is made by dealer to provide assurance after selling machines.

How can you contact with after sale services unit?

The customers can make just a phone call with corporation and contact after sale service department.

How does work a scrubber dryer?

A scrubber dryer has been equipped with brush system, solution tank, recovery tank and suction unit. These parts operate coordinately to clean and dry all kinds of hard floors.

What are the various types of scrubber dryer?

They have been manufactured in walk-behind and ride-on models. Walk-behind scrubbers are mains operated or battery-powered and the ride on models are battery-powered.  

What kind of floors can be cleaned with scrubber?

Hard floors such as concrete, stone, ceramic, mosaic, etc. can be cleaned by scrubber dryer machines.  

Is the scrubber difficult or easy to use?

These machines have ergonomic design and they are ease of use, which all people with a simple training can use them conveniently.

How much water does the scrubber consume?

A scrubber dryer clean all surfaces with brush system and a small amount of water is used in it. So, it is an Eco-friendly machine.

How is the maintenance operation for the scrubber?

Internal components of scrubber dryers are accessible thus, the failure rate and cost of maintenance are low.  

How we can choose the best scrubber machine?

Our experts give customers tips on choosing a right machine due to floor conditions and the other factors.

What is the energy supply for scrubbing?

Scrubber dryers are electrical machines which are mains powered or battery powered.

What are the different types of brushes?

Brushes have been made in soft, standard and rough kinds that are selected based on the severity of pollution and the delicately of floors.

Is the sweeper easy to use or not?

Sweepers are easy to use after a simple training of the operator.

Diesel sweeper or battery powered sweeper? Which one is better?

Both of them are highly efficient machine which the diesel model is suitable for cleaning outdoors and the other is proper for cleaning indoors.

What kind of waste can be picked up by sweeper machine?

Dust, soil, leaf, can, paper and many other dry wastes can be collected by a sweeper machine.

Where is the waste container? In the back or front?

The hopper has been embedded in the rear of the sweeper, so the user has high visibility to the environment.  

How can the waste container be unloaded?

Some of them are unloaded manually and the others have been equipped with hydraulic jack.

How many brushes does it have?

It has one central cylindrical brush and two side disk brushes.

Does the sweeper work on the ramp?

These machines are able to work on 10-20% ramp.

What is the difference between water lift and air flow?

Water lift and air flow is two main index for various types of vacuum cleaners operation.

Are the vacuum cleaners able to remove both solid and liquid materials?

Commercial, semi industrial and industrial vacuum cleaners are able to vacuum up both wet and dry materials at the same time.

How can two operators work at the same time?

With central vacuum systems it is possible to clean more than one point.

What is the meaning of ATEX zone?

ATEX vacuum cleaners are used for collecting explosive materials or used in explosive areas.

What kind of filter is suitable?

There are various types of filters which are proper for special operations.

How does work a continuously duty vacuum cleaner?

Continuous duty industrial vacuum cleaners have been equipped with turbine motor, thus they are suitable for 24/7 continuous duty.   

Is it possible to wash floors with polisher machine?

They are used for shining floors, sometimes they can be used for cleaning narrow paths, but it doesn’t have suction unit, therefor it is suggested using scrubber.

How does work a pressure washer?

Pressure washer machines are included a powerful displacement pump which converts water to high pressure water.

Is it powered with electricity or fossil fuels?

They have been designed in both electrical and diesel models. It makes it possible to use these machines in various environments and every situation.