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  • تفاوت جاروبرقی با غبارگیر صعتی و موارد استفاده از آنها

    Cleaning with a dust collector or industrial vacuum cleaner?

    Dust in industrial, commercial, and office environments is inevitable due to human traffic and machinery activity. However, the need to collect this dust can not be ignored. The importance of this matter and the optimal cleaning of equipment with dust collectors or industrial vacuum cleaners can be a desirable and efficient solution to prevent damage to machinery and reduce the…

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  • خرید کارواش اتوماتیک شستشوی خودرو مرکز تجاری

    Tips to consider before buying a car wash

    Today, with the growth of technology and the acceleration of affairs, the use of manual cleaning methods in many cases is considered costly and inefficient work. Therefore, most commercial, industrial and office complexes have accelerated the process of cleaning their environment and equipment by using mechanized cleaning devices. One of these processes is car washing. Cleaning the car is essential…

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  • انواع تجهیزات مکانیزه شستشوی صنعتی

    Superior quality industrial washing with mechanized equipment

    Industrial, commercial, and office environments, due to the various pollutants they face, need new equipment and methods to collect and wash these pollutants industrially. Using old and traditional methods and methods in washing surfaces and equipment in such environments can be a time-consuming and costly process for the collection. There are various mechanized pieces of equipment and devices to achieve…

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  • دستگاه سویپر مجهز به سیستم آب پاش برای جلوگیری از بلند شدن گرد و خاک در محیط

    دستگاه سویپر چیست؟

    Cleaning and collecting dry and dusty garbage in the home environment is done with a vacuum cleaner, but what about collecting garbage outside the house, such as the outside environment of shops, factories, etc.? Should this collection be done manually (vacuum cleaner or sweeper)? Apart from the danger that the spread of dust in the environment poses to the health…

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  • طرز کار جاروبرقی صنعتی چگونه است؟ هر کدام از اجزای جاروبرقی چه تاثیری بر نحوه کار دارند؟

    طرز کار جاروبرقی صنعتی چگونه است؟

    Some may think that industrial, semi-industrial, commercial, and household vacuum cleaners work differently, but all types of vacuum cleaners work the same. The difference between different types of vacuum cleaners is in body structure, suction power and speed, type of filtration system and tank capacity, and the method of industrial vacuum cleaner for collecting chemicals is not different from the way water…

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  • فردی در حال نظافت محیطبا استافده از واترجت صنعتی

    Introduction of industrial waterjet machines and different types of it

    In order to clean a variety of surfaces, different methods such as hand washing and rinsing method were used. Washing traditionally have disadvantages such as wasting water and detergent consumption, high energy consumption for washing and finally undesirable results. Later, with the advent of powerful electric motors and add it to the previous mechanism the Inventors, invented a device called industrial…

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  • تاریخچه دستگاه اسکرابر

    the history of floor scrubber machine

    Cleaning operations become more difficult as the environment expands, especially when it comes to floor washing. This may be the first idea to design a modern industrial floor scrubber. Looking at the history of floor scrubber machine, we find that the first automatic floor washing machine was designed in the middle of the twentieth century with the aim of achieving…

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  • Best manual floor cleaning methods

    Floor surfaces in various commercial, industrial, office, and even home environments are exposed to various contaminants due to constant contact with pollutants. There are a variety of ways to clean floor surfaces. But what can be the best way to clean the floor can be an important question. The answer to this question will have a huge impact on the…

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  • یک دستگاه نظافت صنعتی سطوحی پاکیزه تر و بهداشتی تری را نسبت به روش های دیگر نظافت به کاربر تحویل می دهد،

    Does timely replacement of scrubber parts affect how it works?

    An industrial cleaning machine delivers cleaner and healthier surfaces to the user than other cleaning methods. Also, it saves time, costs such as workforce, as well as water and detergent consumption. The consumable parts of a device such as a scrubber have a long life, and after the expiration of this life and the wear of the elements, these components…

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  • اسکرابر صنعتی دستی برای نظافت سطح بانک

    Advantages of cleaning the bank with mechanized equipment

    Banks are one of the most critical businesses; the Commuting of people in these places is very high because of bank services. Cleaning in such high-traffic environments should be done regularly because cleanliness is critical in choosing a branch and a bank for people. The health of employees and clients is at risk if cleaning is not done correctly. Now…

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