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  • چک لیست نظافت محیط آموزشی و مدرسه

    Cleaning checklist of schools and educational centers

    Cleanliness and public health have always been an important part of the routine and maintenance of schools and educational centers, but in the age of the epidemic of infectious diseases such as coronary, its importance has increased significantly and parents have many health concerns to return their children to school. . Today, it is the duty of everyone to take…

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  • زمین شوی

    cable powered scrubber and battery powered scrubber

    cleaning of floor surfaces in public places and other places is very important because, in addition to preventing the spread of contamination, by eliminating contaminations, it ensures the health of individuals as well as prevents the damage and destruction of flooring. Traditional cleaning way is not very efficient due to the large volume of surfaces and commuting, and it does…

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  • انتخاب بهترین کارواش نیمه صنعتی یا صنعتی

    Choose the best semi-industrial or industrial car wash

    One of the best cleaning equipment that can be used is industrial waterjet or semi-industrial car wash. The operation of this device is such that by spraying high pressure water, it removes contaminants and masses from the surfaces of floors and objects. In general, waterjets work by receiving water from an external source and converting it to high-pressure water. This…

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  • معرفی انواع پمپ کارواش صنعتی یا واترجت صنعتی

    Different types of high-Pressure pump

    Types of pressure washer pump

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  • مزایای استفاده از جاروبرقی آب و خاک ابراهیم در صنایع غذایی

    استفاده از جاروبرقی آب و خاک در صنایع غذایی

    Food factories are mostly crowded and busy places, so the need for constant cleaning in this place is very necessary. Contaminants and bacteria on the surface endanger people’s health. Today, by using industrial cleaning equipment, different spaces of the factory can be free from pollution. There is a wide range of industrial cleaning equipment, for example, industrial scrubber or industrial…

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  • چک لیست نظافت سالن تولید

    Warehouse and food production hall cleaning checklist

    Manufacturing or industrial plants, also known as manufacturers, are exposed to various pollutants due to product production activities and the movement of raw materials. This has made the need for specific procedures and instructions to improve the quality of cleaning very important. Most food factories have large production halls where heavy machinery and equipment used in the production of goods…

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  • واترجت صنعتی

    Save water with industrial waterjet device

    The notion that most people have of cleanliness is that in addition to saving time, it also considers something important and saves water consumption, which is a critical issue today. In general, industrial waterjets play an important role in reducing microbes and various contaminants. In what places can the industrial waterjet device be used? Industrial waterjet can be used in…

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  • ماشین سوییپر نظافت صنعتی

    ۵ tips for outdoor cleaning with industrial machines

    Spaces and areas still need to be cleaned, as well as indoor space. Cleaning outdoor environments is a much harder task than cleaning the indoor environments of buildings. This creates more difficulties for the service force due to climate change or the presence of contaminants. Another point is that there are still people who leave their garbage in the environment,…

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  • اسکرابر کلمبوس

    How Columbus Scrubber saves cleaning time

    Scrubber, floor scrubber or industrial floor scrubber performs cleaning without hand intervention. Scrubber is a hygienic alternative to traditional cleaning methods. Columbus Scrubber Features All cleaning devices produced by Columbus brand have the least consumption of materials and energy. Also, creativity, beauty in design and ease of use for all people with any level of literacy and awareness, has made…

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  • انواع ترولی و ابزار های نظافت محیط بهداشت و درمان

    Advantages of using all kinds of trolleys and cleaning equipment in offices

    Private or government offices and offices in general, due to the presence of people and their movement in the environment, are among the environments that need daily cleaning to prevent the accumulation and spread of pollution in them. Using cleaning equipment and tools in an optimal and efficient way can help you to obtain and maintain quality cleaning in your…

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